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Default Bee Keeping

I always thought the practice of keeping bees was neat.

But today I heard the latest basic brewing radio show:

“September 13, 2007 - Keeping Bees
We talk to home brewer and amateur bee keeper Ryan Wilson about how to get insects to make the sweet stuff for our meads and braggots.”


That got me thinking. I'm growing my own hops, why not produce my one honey too? I see several benefits.

A few Google searches turned up one local Bee keeping supply place in Ohio and numerous others around the country.

I was curious if anyone on the forum is currently in the bee keeping hobby? Or even evolved with bees on commercial scale?

The start up investment on equipment seems minimal. ($200)

Here’s a tutorial I found on building your own "topbar beehive":

(I have no clue if that’s a good design or not)

Its probably the wrong time of the year to try and get into the hobby, as the snow will be here soon. But maybe I can score some cheap gear at an end of year sale or something. :-)

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Please tell me you have land. Please tell me you don't live in an apartment.

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Please tell me you DO live in an apartment, because the next post on the subject will be hilarious.
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I can't imagine how PISSED I'd be if one of my neighbors took up bee keeping. I'm thinking there is a 3 acre MINIMUM for something like that.
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There's a house on my way to work that has a bunch of those big box hives right in the front yard, I always roll up my windows if I have to wait at the railroad crossing that's right there.

Do you need any kind of permit or license to keep bees since some people are highly allergic to them?
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The local Apiary around here is smack in the middle of a densly packed block of businesses and homes. He does his best to keep the on-site bees to a minimum when he's pulling apart the hives to extract the honey.

You don't need land to own bees by the way. You can rent your bees out to farmers just about anywhere. Here's a quick factoid for you... Bee keepers make 80% of their income from bee colony rental and only 20% from selling honey.

Here's a minor deterent.. this guy gets stung an average of 40 times a day and it's not even his day job.
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Actually, when I was a kid living in Tulsa, one of our neighbors raised bees right in his backyard. Had the white boxes and everything. This was a typical residential neighborhood (Sungate, for anyone familiar with Tulsa) and his house was only three doors down from ours. Never had any problems with bees, stings, swarms or any of the horror movie things you might think. We never gave it a thought!

The only 'problem' I remember is this: we had two girls in the neighborhood who had long, straight hair. This was the early 1970s and that was the popluar style- think Marcia Brady, Laurie Partridge, Carly Simon. Anyway, every once in while a bee would fly into the hair of one of these girls and get stuck. They were both so used to it happending that they would reach up, grab the hair surrounding the bee and pinch the bee dead. Then they'd comb the dead buzz bug out. It'd gross the rest of us kids out and they just laughed at us!

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No license necessary, I've seen hives on .1 acre house lots. There is a roughly 4 ft area in front of the hive that you need to keep clear, but you really don't need any more room than that. You could even keep a hive in an apartment. Just have the hive entrance flush against an open window.

Beekeeping is something I have been threatening the wife with for some time. Unfortunately beer making has been taking up my spare time.
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My grandfather raised bees. I was young, but several things stick in memory.

* Bee keepers must become immune to the stings.
* You can get remarkably close to a hive.
* When you get too close, it becomes quite apparent.
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"F*ck Bee's...I'll Punch Every Bee in the FACE!"
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I'll Leave it to the Bee keepers Thanks, it's easier to buy honey then deal with the 40 stings per day, thank you very much.


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