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Feb 2011
Qubec, Qubec
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I was wondering if you guys gave names to your stuff?

I used to give a few. But after more than 30 batches running, my "names" have pretty much ended like "x type with y hops @ z% ABV" like a poor Rpg name generator.

What influences name giving for your beers?

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Nov 2012
Akron, OH
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I name them after life experiences sometimes. Usually something good or bad that happens between this brew and the last. Helps to remember it the next time you drink it (my memory is kind of weak).

Interstate 80/- Scottish Ale from driving back from out East this Xmas season (on the I-80) and wanting to make a Scottish ale as the first thing I did back at the apartment.

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Nov 2009
Montrose, MN
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I mostly go with historical names or musical influences. I listen to a lot of history podcasts and tend to take some cool sounding names from what I hear. I keep a small notepad in my toolbox while I am working and listening to podcasts. When something strikes me I write it down right away.

The Varangian
Stairway to the Inferno
The Reckoning
The 11th Hour(this is the name for my quad)
Sule Slayer(see Dan Barrerio page for an explanation, lol)
Narcissist(another big Belgian)
Cold Hard Bitch

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Feb 2011
Qubec, Qubec
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Well I remember one where I scratched my ex stovetop. We indeed called it the "Holy Stove IPA"

I'll look into it, but now since I brew on a corn boiler, it's always uneventful (thank science), good planning helped on that one.

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Jun 2012
Waxhaw, NC
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My dad names all his beers after Tom Waits songs, which I think it pretty cool. The Black Rider, Earth Died Screaming and Little Drop of Poison are the ones he has off the top of my head.

I on the other hand, havent named any of mine yet because like you, I can't figure out what I want to go with.

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Who rated my beer?
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Feb 2008
Chandler, Arizona
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I use my name.

Ol' Dirty Soper Dropper
etc etc

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Dec 2010
Dallas, Texas
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Usually what happens before/during the brew. Or something about the ingredients.

Gutter Squirrel IPA - A squirrel got stuck in our gutter the day I was brewing. Had to coax him out by dropping a hose down from the top.

Jurassic Bark - uniondr mentioned something about Jurassic beer on a thread, and then it hit me, Jurassic Bark! I've always been a dinosaur dork and loved the movie and book. This will be my next brew and it will be an oaked vanilla bourbon porter.

Dave Brew-beck's Take Five IPA - Dave Brubeck died recently, so I wanted to honor him. 5 grains, 4 hops (5/4 time signature of Take Five); West Coast IPA (West Coast jazz style); US-05 yeast (Take Five);
"Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer!"

- Martin Luther

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Feb 2008
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Coming up with a good name is like coming up with a character name for an RPG or coming up with a password on the spur of the moment. I usually just skip it. I think of the good ones when I'm not trying to and forget them by the time I get a chance to write them down.

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Dec 2011
Culpeper, VA
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Originally Posted by zmanzorro View Post
Usually what happens before/during the brew. Or something about the ingredients.
This is what I do too.

I had a pale ale that during the boil we had a black snake join us and we ended up catching him in the fermenter bucket which he then sprayed nasty smelling snake musk into! We washed it well but we named that brew "Snakepiss Pale Ale"

If nothing exciting happens and it's a brew I've done before it gets the same name as last version with a "#X" added at the end.
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Apr 2009
Central MN
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I am not very creative; batch 1, batch 2, etc. works for me. Batch 58 is in the fermenter.

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