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The Happy Mug
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Nov 2005
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I was matching MythBusters, and they did an experiment to see if talking to plants or playing music made any difference in their growth. It turns out the peas with music grew best (heavy metal peas grew the best, strangely).

So, my thoughts on the subject came to yeast. I wonder if playing music for fermenting beer might improve its performance or quality of finished product.

I'd try it, but my fermenter sits next to my bed, so it would drive me up a wall. Some day, I'll have a batch that's totally pumped up on Industrial.

Just something I thought I'd throw out there.

Allergy Warning: This post was made by a person who may be nuts

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Oct 2005
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Ha Ha! I'm sure it couldn't hurt anything. I saw that Mythbusters (one of my favorite shows). Try it sometime and let me know what happens. My carboy is in my closet, so like you, it would make me crazy, otherwise I'd probably give it a shot too.
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