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Jan 2013
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I have recently finished bottling my first batch and I have a question about cleaning my equipment. I've tried to clean my stainless steel pot and primary fermenter (a food grade, five gallon bucket), but there is still a residual smell of wort/beer. Is this a problem?

Also, what are good cleaning methods for carboys? I rinsed out with oxiclean, then sanitizer, but I still smell a strong beer smell.

And finally, what is a good cleaning method for a syphon? Any opinions are much appreciated.

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You should try B-Brite to clean your equipment & Star San to sanitize. Great products. Go to Midwest supplies and check them out.

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My buckets smell like hops no matter what I do.

As far as the siphon, I rinse well to make sure there are no solids, then sanitize immediately before the next use.

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Jan 2013
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Good to know as I will be bottling here shortly and will need to do the same

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Mine always smell like beer after cleaning unless I bleach bomb them. I do the ratio for a 5 gallon batch of bleach and just let all my equipment sit in it. It won't hurt any of my equipment sitting in the bleach water and I know it's sanitized when I'm ready to brew. Just rinse it off really well until you can't smell the bleach anymore. And me, it may be overboard, but right before I put the wort into the fermenter, I'll spray the inside 1 more time with StarSan just to make sure. Never have had any infection problems following this method. (knock on wood)
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I wash out my fermenter to get the yeast & excess gunk out first. Then add 4TBSP of PBW & fill with water & soak for a week. Then open the spigot with mt homer cheapo bucket under it to wash out the spigot as well. rinse & starsan it. Then remove the spigot & use starsan & a paper towel to clean the spigot mounting hole & soak the spigot in PBW. I scrub them with some aquarium lift tube brushes. Rinse & sanitize,re-install.
The spigot & mountinh hole area seem to hold a lot of the smell. but the PBW soak & starsan seem to get the smells out,even 2 years on for my fermenters.
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Originally Posted by Brewnoob1 View Post
. I do the ratio for a 5 gallon batch of bleach and just let all my equipment sit in it. It won't hurt any of my equipment sitting in the bleach water.
You may want to add that you should not soak any metal objects, including stainless steel, as it will pit to all hell.

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