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Dec 2012
New Baltimore, Michigan
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Hey there, first some quick background info. I began brewing with my Mr Beer on Christmas of 2012. Once it was out of the Mr Beer Keg. Then I noticed how much the kits were from Mr Beer. For some reason, I just cant justify spending the $20-30 for 2g of beer, when you can just go buy a case of beer for $12-20 and not go through the hassle. (yes I know, its not about the $$$, its about the beer. BUT STILL)

Anyways. I went to LHBS and I picked up a bunch of 1gallon carboys, airlocks etc. Did a lot of research, started makin mead and cider. But normally I enjoy a beer. Beers such as Bud light, budweiser, coors, etc. etc. Anything of that kind I can drink and enjoy. Some other beers I like, or dont mind..Have always wanted to try fruit beers (because I know some people who dont like normal beer). ANYWAYS

Im looking for some 1gallon recipes. and instructions to pertain to this style of beer. Im pretty good at following instructions, just dont know what exactly is needed. I have a siphon, some yeasts (all wine/mead yeasts though, once I find some recipes I will buy the other yeast), I have sanitizer (but not starsan, so might need to grab that) etc.

thanks for reading and Thanks in advance.

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Dec 2010
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Hmm.. cider background, looking for a fruit type beer; have you considered making Graff?

Lots of people start out with Mr Beer and lots of people here still use them for one gallon test batches. $20-30 for 2gal of beer is pricy! That said, my beers usually run $60 – 70 for 10 gallons (fuel, ingredients,… wait, my time: $180 – 300). However, my home brewed beer on tap is priceless!

1 gallon recipes?? I just became aware of this thread….
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Mar 2012
Boston, massachusettes
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Look up a "BBC steel rail" recipe and rack onto apricot or add a small amount of extract. Steel rail seems to be the best gateway beer for coors/ budwiser fans. Its a local MA beer.

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You can make great beers and save money over Mr. Beer by doing your own BIAB brewing and doing small all grain brews at the same time. BeerSmith software will convert ANY recipe to whatever size you want. I love to make small batches which give me about 16-17 bottles. Check out this video on how to do it. the 2 gallon bucket comes from Home Depot.

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Mar 2011
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But normally I enjoy a beer. Beers such as Bud light, budweiser, coors, etc. etc
Note that these are all lagered beers, which will require pretty strict temperature control to produce. Lagered beers are more on the intermediate level when it comes to brewing, so it probably isn't a good place to start. The lighter body of these beers mean that even minor errors/off flavors are very apparent.

Maybe start with cream ale or wheats? Both are good styles for fruit additions as well.

Good luck!
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Sep 2011
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If you like BMC (Bud, Miller, Coors) type of beer, look into Biermucher's Centennial Blonde. Cheap and easy and downright excellent for a blonde. The thread starts off with All Grain but on post #10, Biermucher converts it to extract. Thousands and Thousands of gallons of this recipe have been brewed!!! I brewed 10 gallons just last summer and plan to do more of it.

You can find his recipe here:
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Nov 2012
Winnipeg, MB
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Hey! Welcome to 1-gallon beer! The thread on here is good, and there are a few things that are different down here in the small scale - but most of the basics are the same.

If you want to try All-grain, like BMC-type beers, I'm going to throw another Biermuncher recipe out there: Cream of Three Crops. It\s another tried and true very recipe. If you're really interested, and don't like long division, PM me and I can send you my scaled-down-for-one-gallon version.


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Dec 2012
New Baltimore, Michigan
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Thanks for all the replies and the help, I was going to try just by lookin at different recipes, just need to Make sure I don't need any specific items for it. Once I find a combination of recipes to try (and two or three carboys open) I will begin brewing. I don't plan on using my mr beer except for bottling because currently I have 2.5g of Apfelwein inside it. Which should be done soon. Once again thanks for all the help

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