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Dec 2008
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My wife helps once in while. She has brewed her own beer (she is the only one in the family with a medal for beer). She loves the end result. She has a better taster than I do so she tells me what is wrong or right with a beer. She gets me brew stuff for Christmas. She like the people in our brew club and the big camping/beer festival we go to.

As for cutting the lawn. She cuts, trims, edges, and blows(the grass clipping) of my lawn and 3 neighbors lawns.
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Jan 2012
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my wife says to me all the time, can we talk about something other then brewing. and i say there is something else we can talk about?
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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by Trizzle View Post
With a busy work schedule, I really plan my brew days, it's my time. So sitting down to dinner with my wife, she says she notices how much I enjoy brewing and she said she's interested. My jaw dropped, i couldnt believe it! and so I invited her to help me out tmrw! Shes into it as of now and is full of questions. So I'm running through the process so she can help out.

Has anyone else had their wife help them brew?!?!
Mine helps me when I need it. She holds the cooler when I am pouring strike water to make sure I don't move it and dump it all over the floor, but I have a sneaking suspicion that is to make sure I don't make a mess. Both she and my daughter help with bottling though.

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Jan 2012
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My wife doesn't drink much beer, or anything else for that matter, but she loves the smell of both the mash and the boil. I brew alone, but on occasion she will help me dough-in. I keg most of the time, but she helps when I bottle. Even though my wife is incredibly supportive of my hobby, when I talk about beer all she hears is "blah blah blah beer blah . . . " I imagine I must sound like one of the adults on the old Peanuts cartoons to her.

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Oct 2011
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My girlfriend loves to ask questions about brewing, and has helped me bottle a couple of times. In my experience a lot of people actually have fun running the bottling wand or capper. Unfortunately she's not a beer drinker but will try mine and has slightly enjoyed a couple. She loves my version of Apfelwein though, so another thanks to Ed :-)

Some day I think she will help me. Either it will be great because she's more details oriented or I will get annoyed. Anyhow, congratulations to you man! Have fun with it!

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The hubby got me into brewing and our 10 gal batches are our joint Saturday afternoon activity. I usually do small stovetop batches on my own but I like having a brew partner for the rest (besides the dog that is, she thinks she's helping but she's not). The boy's not much into recipe formulation which is one of my favorite things. On the other hand he has a much better palate than I do and gives good recommendations for adjustments, so it works out well.

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May 2012
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My wife likes my finished product. She doesn't help me during the brew process, but she usually helps me bottle. She also allows me to keep my fermenting buckets on our breakfast bar until they are done fermenting as my canning cellar gets quite cold during the winter.

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Jan 2012
Charleston, SC
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No help really, and I don't really want any. She does her hobbies and I have mine. I have friends that know how to brew and want to come help but I usually don't let them know when I am brewing. Not a loner, its just brewing is my "me" time.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by Yooper
I used to want to have Bob interested in brewing, but now I'm glad it's a solo hobby. I really like having my hobby be just mine.

He does help a lot with things, though, now that he's encouraged me making 10+ gallon sized batches. He helps dump the grain outside in the compost, and helps crush the grain. I appreciate that- he's a lot stronger than I am! .
ditto for my hubby, he's there for the heavy lifting and enjoys the results but I think what he really likes most is bragging rights with his work buddies, " oh ya well my wife brews beer "
too funny !
"BEER...the other white meat"

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Aug 2011
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I asked for help from my wife while bottling. Something simple like handing my bottles or holding the racking cane. She refused and told me that she would only help if she got to do the fun part (filling bottles or capping).
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