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Jan 2013
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I've ruined a few batches dry hopping. One turned milky brown and another had a horrible taste. Having just dry hopped an IPA and an Amber I was wondering how people sanitize the hops? I've boiled them and the bag in water and cooled it then dumped it all in. Something about dumping green hop water into my beer I just can't get over. Last night I soaked the bag in one step then added the hops and pitched it. I've soaked frozen vaccum sealed hops in my 160f tap water then put them in the sanitized hop sack. Does microwaving the hops work?

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If the hops aren't funky and your brew has made it through primary ferm, there really isn't much reason to have an issue with dry hopping. I might look elsewhere in the process....

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If your dryhopped batches were ruined, it was NOT from the dryhopping. You add the hops, not boiled, into the beer. That's it.

Adding a bag or something may contaminate the batch, but I assume the bag would have been sanitized.

Next time, add the hops. Just hops, right from the bag you bought them in. That will make sure nothing else touches the beer, and the hops aren't boiled, or added to water or sanatizer or anything.
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You don't need to sanitize hops. You can look this up for yourself on many independent sources. If you use a bag you should sanitize the bag in something like Starsan.
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You through 'em in!
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Open package
Dump in beer

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I've never sanitized hops for dry-hopping and it's never caused any problems. Even when the guy at my LHBS reaches into the bulk hop bins with his bare unwashed hands and handles them multiple times while he weighs them out. Hops are naturally antibacterial so you shouldn't need to worry about it. Here's a link if you want to have a look:

Also, pre-boiling your hops kind of defeats the purpose of dryhopping, because the heat isomerizes the alpha acids, making them soluble and bitter, while driving off the aromatic compounds. I just toss them in, dry.

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Hops make beer good.....grow'em, buy 'em, put 'em in your beer, no fuss no harm .....
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Your supposed to be dry hopping not dry humping

As the others stated just dump them in. There is enough alcohol to kill any bugs that were on or in the hops.

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I boil the hop sack for 10 mins...but that is probably overkill. I then add the dry hops to the sanitized bag and toss them in.

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