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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by CGVT View Post
Sure it can. If you want to beat a dead horse.

If you have a new argument on the moral/ethical or legal dimension of the issue, make it.

If you do, it will be the first new thought on it in about 50 posts

If you don't you are just posting to hear yourself talk.

Have at it.

Hypocrisy at its finest.
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One mans trash is another mans treasure! If its considered stealing in your county or city then maybe the county or city should kick down on the initial cost of said recyclables. Help me buy a case of beer or wine and you're more than welcome to claim empties! Otherwise ill do what I want with my empties, give them away, let people take them, or... Gasp... Smash them at the bottom of the trash bin never to be reused again. Lol

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Ha ha...this is great. Just scored 3 Carlos Rossi jugs from my neighbor. Perfect timing. Another round of JAOM batches are in my weekend plans.
Add to this thread or just read it and have a few laughs.
If it can be brewed, I'm interested.

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In the dungeon

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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
I found, that once my neighbors knew I brewed they started saving me bottles.
Indeed, a neighbor just dropped off a 750ml grolsch style bottle today.

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I appologize for not reading the enire thread in advance. If I had a neighbor who was thrwing away usable glass I would approach him and infect him with our addiction. It would not be too difficult to get him involved, invite him over on a brewin and bottle day and he will leave with a huge appreciation of what you do and either save you the bottles outright or start brewing too. Either way you will get some indirect or direct help and maybe a brew partner in you own neighborhood. Think of all the improvements you could help him make to your brew tower or single tier. You would have a laboratory to test new ideas and help a brother get more beer too. Just a thought from the peanut gallery...

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Originally Posted by Yesfan View Post
You got me there, but never underestimate what people would do for money. Not everyone shreds important stuff like that. I know some of my co-workers that complain about all the credit card applications they get and how they just chuck it in their recycle bins. Who knows if someone else comes along and see that and tries to take advantage of that?
Yup I threw out a Paypal credit card thing that came with my paypal account. I just wanted to receive payments for some Graphic Design work and paypal was a nice option for some people. Anyways I got a bill from paypal that someone used it to buy 500$ in facebook credits. The problem was readily resolved by customer service thank god.

Anyways, I don't think there's an issue if they're on the side of the road, they are getting rid of them and they don't get a return on them since its in a bin. Ive run around grabbing the good empty beer bottles after office parties.
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Originally Posted by wooda2008 View Post
I would be very uncomfortable with someone going through my recycling bin. Besides bottles, there are torn up credit card applications, bills, etc. ID theft is a real concern. If I see someone sneaking around my trash, they are going to have a very uncomfortable time explaining themselves.

New Englanders are also notoriously private and get cantankerous when someone trespasses on their land without permission. People have been shot with rock salt for less. (ask how I know)
If your going to shoot at someone kill them, if not then handle you business with you hands. If you ask me that's kind of a cowardly thing to do, trust me once you spend 6 months of your life getting shot at you'll have a different respect for actually being shot at.

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Mar 2013
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Ok, if they are recycling the glass, you can short-circuit the process and save some energy by re-using them immediately. No need to ask the neighbor, you are just making recycling more efficient and that is what they want.

Sorry if this has been said before.

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I work nights in a nice hotel, after all the wedding parties are over i have free licence to scour the bottle bins for whatever i like. There's only 3 wines that have corked bottles but plenty of Bulmar's Cider Bottles, which i put through the glass washer, destroying all labels and glue, good times!

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