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Had a DFH120 the other day. 540 calories per bottle. Yikes.

Mcdonalds chocolate shake has 580.
Never underestimate the potential of someone who refuses to act their age.

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Originally Posted by buzzman003 View Post
I am trying to run more, cut out High Fructose Corn Syrup (Its in EVERYTHING!), eat more whole foods, and work out more. (3x a week)

I noticed that when I went cold turkey for 3 weeks, I lost 6 pounds without changing anything in my diet or workout. Food for thought... no pun intended.
Seriously is. Of all the carbs, those in my beer will be the last to go. There are plenty everywhere else that can be carved out, particularly as corn syrup in refined food.

Best food commentary I heard recently was that if you're looking at a label trying to figure out what's in it you're already on the wrong track. As in picking fresh whole foods is far better than anything processed and packaged.
Beer, so much more than just a breakfast drink

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Nov 2008
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I am just about the hit the 30 year old mark and I can tell that my metabolism is starting the drop.

I have always gained a bit of weight in the winter as I do little to no working out but being a teacher and a coach, I am basically on my feet from 730 AM to 600 PM and sometimes later depending on the day.

As for cutting back on the beer......never. I have a bit of a beer belly but many people don't realize that you need to work out your back muscles along with your abs in order to keep your beer belly down. The more muscle you have the tighter it pulls the muscle and fat to your body.
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Its definately hard, but i enjoy working out so its not a big deal to me...still try to stick to one a night, maybe two.

But i do run 3x a week and lift 3x a week.

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Well you can drink less beer or move more. I'm losing weight, trying to put on muscle, and trying to enjoy beer. It's certainty difficult and it's curtailed my hobby. I drink much less than I used to but that's because every calorie counts. I'm limiting myself to 5 beers a week, and no more than 3 in one sitting. And never on a night where I have major cardio the next day. There is a noticeable effect on my performance in a bad way.

The beer belly is a myth though. Your body puts on weight where it wants. Fat stores generated form alcohol don't go to the belly where others go elsewhere. Some people just happen to have their fat go there first. Mine is very evenly distributed so I've always looked 20-30 lbs lighter than I am.

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Old 01-29-2013, 05:14 AM   #46
Dec 2010
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One word "insanity". I ate what I wanted throughout the holidays and drank just about every weekend. So far I'm down 17lbs. If course had I eaten right and not had so much beer it probably would have been double that.

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Old 01-29-2013, 05:17 AM   #47
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The solution is always to either cut down on eating food or exercising more. Cutting back on beer consumption should only happen if your doctor tells you that you're going to die if you drink any more beer. And then you should go to the pub to think it over.

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I used to consistently gain 15 pounds over the winter then drop it (sometimes even up to 25 pounds) during the summer...turned thirty and my metabolism literally came to a crashing halt. Last summer I was working out nearly 2 hours a day and didn't lose a pound.

Now that I have a kid its nearly impossible to work out. I just cut out drinking during the week for starters. This isn't sitting well with my resolution of 365 new beers a year.

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Beer calories are just calories. May not have the nutrional value of say broccoli, but a lot better tasting. As people have mentioned, low carb and exercise. I am giving up flavored creamer. I was consuming about 300 calories a day, it has been rough, almost at 100% half and half.

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Originally Posted by buzzman003 View Post
Any one else cutting back on their beer consumption because they are gaining too much weight? I've gained 6 pounds so I have to stop drinking until I lose it again.

Sad thing is, I can't stop brewing the beer so I figure I would brew more porters and stouts that take a while to age since I can't drink it.

New years resolution - down the drain.....
I stopped drinking during the week at all and workout 6 days a week so I can enjoy myself on the weekends. I still don't go crazy on the weekends (although we did get into quite a few BCS's in Chicago Saturday) I feel your pain and refuse to be a fat bastard anymore. I do find that the beer is much more enjoyable when I don't drink it everyday


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