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Mar 2012
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Originally Posted by PupThePup View Post
Moderation in everything. Before I took up brewing I was working out at the gym every day because I thought I was fat. Well 14% bodyfat (at 6'2") didn't sit too well with my body and I became sickly and ill. I've since gained the weight back and started to feel better (had to work hard to gain the weight back because it's just not the way my body works, but I mananged to do so).

A couple beers a week doesn't kill me.

Any more than that and I'm sure I'd start to gain unwanted weight or feel poor.

I've learned a lot while brewing and can now walk into a bar and sound like I know what I'm talking about by ordering an IPA, Porter, Stout etc. and be able to tell if the beer is made well. So far Leine's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is my favorite. Tonight even the bartender said she admitted the vanilla in the porter made it more bitter than she liked. But I tend to like the more bitter beers.

Anyway, just rambling on the Internet. Good luck with your weight loss/gain. Balance is hard to find and maintain.
I am also a sucker for the snowdrift. I keep my drinking to 5 beers a week on average. I have moved from eating red meat to more fish. My boy is a little behind in the school department and since we started getting more omega 3 fats he seems to be doing better. Typically when I want to lose weight I just stop eating refined sugars.

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myfitnesspal helped me lose the 30 pounds i needed to lose. I did give up drinking for a month though so that undoubtedly helped.
"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."
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I am 57 and 300 lbs 6'3. I lift weights at the gym to keep my muscles in shape, but yeah, i am fat and have a gut. i am generally pretty healthy, and I get regular blood tests to make sure everything looks good. Yeah, I could lose some fat, but I enjoy a good meal, and I drink 1-2 homebrews a day. Entertaining I can easily knock down a couple bottles of wine. a buddy and i have both started deleting wheat and rice and high starch foods from our diet........but not wheat beer. we both agree it would be too hard to stop alcohol consumption........we really enjoy beer.
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Jan 2012
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Bunch of Debbie downers.... FAT & Happy come on everyone!

Ok I need to lose 20 lbs too but I'd rather have a leg cut off then stop drinking beer altogether so i guess i better focus elsewhere to cut back

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Buy good running shoes and start burning.
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sure did, but im back at it now. i quit for 3 months and was working out alot..went from 220 to 190 in those 3 months.
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Jan 2011
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Definitely lower your carb intake and it'll make a big difference

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Good luck! A pint of homebrew equals 250 calories, a 18o pound man would have to walk 5.25 miles at 3mph to burn 500 calories (2 pints), thats 2 hrs of walking! Enjoy the scenery!

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Originally Posted by christpuncher123 View Post
Good luck! A pint of homebrew equals 250 calories, a 18o pound man would have to walk 5.25 miles at 3mph to burn 500 calories (2 pints), thats 2 hrs of walking! Enjoy the scenery!
If you jog it shouldn't take more than about 42 minutes on average pace of an 8.5min per mile pace, which isn't a difficult pace to work up to in fairly short time.
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Originally Posted by sikkingj View Post
It is a concern, but try walking a mile or two (10-20 minutes) each day - that will allow you to indulge in a beer or two a night. If you really want to go hard core get a dog and walk everyday for the rest of your life.

Thats what happened. I had a working dog, Belgian Malinois, and sold him. I used to run him every day. I also miss him terribly.
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