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Originally Posted by k47k View Post offers a free tracker, its a real eye opener.
Ive used myfitnesspal also. They have apps for iphone and android in addition to the website. Its really well done and easy to use.
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Originally Posted by Billy-Klubb View Post
nope. 5'7" and 120 lbs. hyper active metabolism rocks sometimes.
Hope the wind doesn't kick up too bad around there.
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Moderation in everything. Before I took up brewing I was working out at the gym every day because I thought I was fat. Well 14% bodyfat (at 6'2") didn't sit too well with my body and I became sickly and ill. I've since gained the weight back and started to feel better (had to work hard to gain the weight back because it's just not the way my body works, but I mananged to do so).

A couple beers a week doesn't kill me.

Any more than that and I'm sure I'd start to gain unwanted weight or feel poor.

I've learned a lot while brewing and can now walk into a bar and sound like I know what I'm talking about by ordering an IPA, Porter, Stout etc. and be able to tell if the beer is made well. So far Leine's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter is my favorite. Tonight even the bartender said she admitted the vanilla in the porter made it more bitter than she liked. But I tend to like the more bitter beers.

Anyway, just rambling on the Internet. Good luck with your weight loss/gain. Balance is hard to find and maintain.

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I'll cut the food and exercice twice a day before cutting back on homebrew. That being said, I don't drink monday-thursday, and play hockey 4 times a week. Also, I eat healthy as much as possible and don't eat dessert. That helps a lot !

Keep drinking, work out more!!

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Originally Posted by EllisTX View Post
Hope the wind doesn't kick up too bad around there.
I put lead in my boots.
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Originally Posted by Helen Williams View Post
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Originally Posted by Randar View Post
I've plenty of legit material... No need to go making up quotes for your sig.

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Originally Posted by buzzman003
Any one else cutting back on their beer consumption because they are gaining too much weight? I've gained 6 pounds so I have to stop drinking until I lose it again.

Sad thing is, I can't stop brewing the beer so I figure I would brew more porters and stouts that take a while to age since I can't drink it.

New years resolution - down the drain.....
It is a concern, but try walking a mile or two (10-20 minutes) each day - that will allow you to indulge in a beer or two a night. If you really want to go hard core get a dog and walk everyday for the rest of your life.


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Brewing Clamper
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I think more importantly is taking a look at your diet as a whole, not just the beer. I myself gained about 10lbs over the holidays and yes a lot of that was beer. Then again, lots of sweets around in the holidays, roasts, and a ton other heavy food. I think being able to cut down a little bit of everything that's bad for ya would make things easier. Going cold turkey might just make you binge later... or at least that happens to me..

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I firmly believe that you shouldn't trust anyone under 150lbs.

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Ain't ever gonna stop drankin' the homebrew.

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I usually brew session beers and have one a day. Sometimes multiple on the weekends or when friends are in town from some where else. I'm also running a lot more right now as I'm training for a thing called Ragnar. What causes my belly to grow more than having a brew everyday is eating sugary treats that are easily found where I work.

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