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Dec 2010
Dayton, Ohio
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I have let myself get to obese levels, and was even worse until my GF decided we needed to do something. Add to that the fact that we were going to take a flight to CA to meet her family and my 400lb butt had to loose weight just to get on the plane. (Mind you I was drinking a four or six pack a night plus eating what ever I wanted and wasn't brewing.) Once we got into the calorie counting, I swore one thing, I would never give up beer and would always pick beer over food. It actually helped because I refused to eat something bad in order to allow myself the pleasure of a good beer. I never weighed myself but I know I got "down" to 350ish, maybe less. The point is, I never will give up beer when I could just not eat the bread in a sandwich. That being said, alcohol is one of the worst things one can consume while trying to lose weight. Since it's technically a poison your metabolism freaks out and starts trying to get the alcohol out of your system. Thus slowing your metabolism. That's ok though, an imperial stout is worth it.

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Apr 2010
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Give up sugar, soda, most breads and potatoes. Go find a fun physically demanding sport and give it 4 hours a week.
I'm not drunk, I'm from Wisconsin.
We have been out drinking your state since 1848!

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Feb 2011
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I've been cutting back for the sake of my general health. I don't have the body type to enjoy multiple beers a night... or I regret it the next day. Weight isn't really an issue, but feeling like an unproductive mess the next day is.

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Jan 2013
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This has been a very interesting thread. I was wondering how people balanced consumption of good home brew with overall health. I can see that others have the same concerns I have.

My consumption rate has been going up since I started brewing my own. They are so delicious. I find myself trading desert or seconds at dinner so I can fit in another home brew. Maybe I have a problem...

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Oct 2010
Thailand, Chiang mai,Thailand
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you dont have a problem,you just see the real value of your efforts!
I dont drink sunday-thursday. I have 1-2 bombers on friday and 2-3 on saturday.
I think that hte key is keeping a healthy diet AND not drinking too many high OG beers. A hogh OG beer is going to have lots of residual sugars and make you fat.

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Oct 2011
Fleetwood, Pa
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Originally Posted by StittsvilleJames View Post
I'll stop drinking beer when there's six feet of dirt between me and the nearest homebrew.
That might make my top 10 quotes list!
Screw it, Lets brew it

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Nov 2012
Covina, California
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Ok, some people in the last 11 pages of posts are saying cut out potatoes, bread, or carbs in general. I personally don't think I could live without those foods!! You can still enjoy those... just in moderation, basically most carbs/starch are a calorie dense food, example 7 oz rice is like 300+ calories (depending on which website you look at) at the same time that 300+calories in lets say broccoli that's like 10 cups! or 7 average size zucchini squash, which will fill you up more?? Another example 2 oz of pretzels (which is a homebrew staple at my home!!) is about 220 or so calories now those same calories could equal 2 cups of grapes+a 3" apple..... It's about the right choices.
Pretty much it's calories in and calories out (exercise)
Here's a way to figure out what's up with your diet, write down everything you eat for 3-4 days (be deligent about it) then if you can find out (internet/label) the calories for those foods, you'll be astonished on how many calories your consuming and how small the serving size is!! (servings per package) And how quickly it adds up. I try to make the right choices, I'm a runner/cyclist so watching what I eat is important to me... but at the same time I enjoy at least 2-4 12oz home brews a day.

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Sep 2011
Beaverton, OR
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I am trying to do drinking only on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. I think that should help but I'm reaching the limit on my clothes. Going to need to cut back.
-Retired Homebrewer

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Nov 2011
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I just stopped eating breakfast and lunch. I supplement them with beer :-)

Actually, I gained 35lbs while my wife was pregnant and breast feeding. Seems I forgot that just because she was burning a billion calories a day producing milk, I wasn't. Match that with my first year or not racing bikes since 1992 and I ballooned. Recently I've begun getting only slightly more active, walks, riding the bike on a stationary trainer while my daughter sleeps, and speed rope once or twice a week. I've also watched what I ate more. I focus on keeping the preservatives out and I've found that I naturally eat healthier leaner food just by keeping my eyes on that. But I have not cut back on the beer. I've lost 16lbs and have 9 more to go.

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I may be drunk, but I'm not sure.
Sep 2010
South Elgin, IL
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Originally Posted by Dodonkious View Post
I have let myself get to obese levels...

I never weighed myself but I know I got "down" to 350ish, maybe less....
How does it feel to be 7 feet 7 inches tall?

I did a quick calculation and in order to only be considered "overweight" and not obese at 350 pounds, your height would have to be 7'7". My guess is either you are grossly overestimating you weight, don't really know what classifies you as "obese", or you are trolling.

Back in August, for various reasons, I started making an effort to loose weight. I did cut down on the amount of beer that I drank as well as the amount of food that I would eat. I did not make any drastic changes to my eating as I knew that I would fail if it was too restrictive. I did simple things like more veggies and fruit, and picking the 1/3 pound burger at the restaurant instead of the 1/2 pound burger. As for beer, it is maybe 1 durring the week and 2 or 3 on the weekend. Before I started loosing weight, it was more like 2-3 every other night with 4-5 on Saturday. Even now the weeks when the home brew club meets mean the beer intake is quite a bit higher, but that is only one night a month.

As of yesterday I was down 65.4 pounds from the 292 that I weighed when I started. I still have about 15 pounds more to go in order to only be "overweight" according to the CDC.
Beer is like porn. You can buy it, but it's more fun to make your own.

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