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Oct 2012
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Here's my idea for an unconventional RIMS.

I have a 20 Gallon Stainless kettle for a mash tun along with home made false bottom. Put a ULWD element as low as possible in the tun and elevate my false bottom so that it clears by extending the stainless bolts I currently use for feet on the false bottom.

I already use a pump and recirculate, but really only to clarify before batch sparging into my kettle. So, I'll build a distribution manifold to recirculate back onto the top of the mash.

Then add a PID and SSR to cycle the element and do continuous recirculation.

First question: Crazy? Probably, but it seems simpler than a separate RIMS tube and cheaper.

Second question: I suspect I'll need to put the temp sensor low in the kettle as well with the element but not too close? What're your thoughts?

I'm interested in your comments as I think it's a way to simplify the system and save some money.

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Feb 2009
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Very doable, and not dissimilar from an e-BIAB mash except you will likely have a thicker mash. I believe you will have to be careful around pump volume flow, to ensure it is not going so fast as to empty the space below the false bottom and dry fire your element. Something to be aware of, but manageable.

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Oct 2012
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It didn't even occur to me that e-BIAB worked that way, but of course!

Ah... I may go ahead and add some more holes or slits to the false bottom. I have had an occasional challenge with the pump starting to empty the space below the FB.

Also, I think I'll start by mounting my temperature sensor in Tee at the outlet of the mash tun right before the ball valve

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Old 01-29-2013, 02:08 PM   #4
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My only concern would be a large volume of fluid below the false bottom getting too much heat since that is where the bulk of the enzymes are located.

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Jun 2009
Wayne, PA
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Not sure how many gallons you brew. One thing to check is the amount of liquid you will have below the false bottom and how much more liquid you will need above it to completely cover the grains. I messed around with this and ditched the project because my mash had to be really thin to get all of the grains covered. With a 20 g kettle you will need a lot of water to cover all of the grains. If you are doing no sparge, probably not as big of an issue.

Also just read you batch sparge. This setup will likely preclude batch sparging because your sparge water won't be enough to cover the grains because the false bottom will be too high. Something to think about.

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