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Jan 2012
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I enjoy most types of beer, from Belgians to IPA's, micro- to macro-brewed, foreign and domestic, and beers anywhere on the SRM color chart and IBU range. Can't say I enjoy sours much. I try them from time to time but I haven't cared to brew one.

I use to equally enjoy lagers and ales, but since I've been home brewing, and more specifically, since I brewed my first lager, I haven't enjoyed lagers as much. When it comes to the two, ales are my favorite.

Lagers have a distinct taste that I didn't recognize as being a lager taste until I brewed my own and tasted it during fermentation. I don't know how to describe it, but I don't care for that taste. It mellows out over time as the beer conditions and stabilizes, but it's always there. Not only do I taste it in my home brewed lagers, but now I taste it in commercial micro and macro brewed beers. I taste it in the lagers made by some of my local breweries, as well as in those by the largest companies around.

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Dec 2010
Milan, IL
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I would say bigger beers. Before I started homebrewing any high alcohol style grossed me out. I couldnt stand the flavor. Now I'm more than happy to sip on a 10-14% beer all night(makes for a short night though.). I also don't drink as much bmc as I used to. My whole drinking philosophy has morphed from a case of beer on the weekend to more alcohol less beer.

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Jan 2011
Monroe, North Carolina
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Originally Posted by Qhrumphf View Post
I've gained a lot more respect for balanced session beers, and bored myself of the super-flavor beers (intensely hopped, intensely strong, etc). Still enjoy em, still brew em from time to time, but learned a well-crafted, well balanced but still flavorful and properly bodied low alcohol beer is a real challenge.
I second that. My first HB was an Irish stout, but after that I did a bunch of high gravity things because I could. I threw every grain and hop I could find into them, and I thought they were pretty great. Whenever I pull out a bottle that's been sitting since then I wonder what I was thinking.

Now I brew the beer I really want to drink rather than what I think will be the coolest thing to brew. More is less I suppose.

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Apr 2012
Charlottesville, Va
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For me since I started brewing IPAs and all of the beers of Belgium I have found I liked. I had never had a Belgian beer before brewing. IPAs just didn't do it for me till I learned about hops additions and flavors. Now I have a healthy respect for a good IPA, bad ones I still don't like.
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Oct 2012
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I grew up with PBR's, Michelobs, Coor Lights, etc. and if I wanted a "good" beer, I would get Moosehead. Then I got older and stayed with Coor Light all year long. Never had a craving for Porters or Stouts. I just started brewing last October..wanting to brew a Coors never happened, ended up brewing a Blonde Ale...4 batches later, guess what is in my two carboys? A Coffee Porter and a Molasses Oatmeal the stuff. Will I be drinking this stuff when the summer is here? Time will tell, but I am drinking what I never used to like drinking
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Oct 2012
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I'm still young at homebrewing, but it still has changed the perspective how hard is to make a good beer.Though some ales that I've brewed, I think, are better than some macrobrewers lagers, nevertheless I still drink and enjoy them, because of the clarity and refreshing qualities.

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Aug 2010
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I fell in love with two types of beer after being exposed to some quality homebrew versions, smoked and sours. Love the stuff. A sour is on the list to brew as soon as I can dedicate sour equipment.

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Jul 2012
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I'm suddenly interested in sours. I don't know of any other than a few that I've had from jester king. It's a new experience to me, any that you can recommend?

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Originally Posted by sundaypapers View Post
I'm suddenly interested in sours. I don't know of any other than a few that I've had from jester king. It's a new experience to me, any that you can recommend?
Rodenbach is a classic Flanders Red. I'm big on the 1809 Berliner Weisse. Drei Fonteinen and Tilquin make some great Gueuze. Lindeman's Gueuze Cuvee Rene is a good, affordable, and easy to find Gueuze. If you've got access, Russian River makes some good sours (I've only been able to try Supplication, Sanctification, and Consecration). Cantillon is great all around.
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Feb 2011
Clemson, SC
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Miller Lite actually tastes better to me now that I've been homebrewing.

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