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Sep 2005
Bay Area, California
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What's the most black patent malt you've ever used in a 5 gallon batch, and how was the resulting beer? Some sources (I'm especially thinking Palmer here, in "How to Brew") warn that anything over about 8 ounces will make a beer taste like charcoal. I want to make a porter with no roast, and I'm a bit curious about how much black it'll take to bring out the right color, and what the corresponding flavor effects will be.

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Oct 2005
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Black patent is mainly used to add darkness to your beer. The flavor is something you don't want at all. IMHO. I've used 8 oz. with great success, but in my imperial stout I only used 4 oz. because the other malts I used were sufficiently dark.
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Will work for beer
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Definitely don't go with too much Black Patent!

If you need to adjust your color afterwards you can always use Sinamar:

SINAMARŽ is produced solely from our roasted malt CARAFAŽ SPECIAL, according to the strict German "Reinheitsgebot" (purity-law). This law allows the brewer to use only the following four ingredients:


To get the characteristic color and extract, SINAMARŽ is carefully evaporated in a vacuum process, finely filtered and canisters and containers of different sizes are filled directly at 158°F - 167°F (70 - 75°C).

Due to this special treatment the taste of SINAMARŽ is less bitter.
SINAMARŽ causes no turbidity and remains pH stable.

According to federal regulations, SINAMARŽ does not need to be labeled with a so-called E-number (European Community Number). A declaration as malt extract, barley malt extract or roasted malt extract is sufficient.

SINAMARŽ is perfectly suited for coloring foods such as: baked goods, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, pharmaceutical products and tea etc. SINAMARŽ is gluten free.

In order to raise the color of 1 hl beer though 1 EBC, 14 gr. of SINAMARŽ is required.

Unopened containers have a 1 year shelf-life.
Once opened, contents should be used immediately and stored cool.
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Feb 2005
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Ive used a whole pound before in an experimental brew, but I had 5 other grains and with adjunts, and a heavy hop ratio. You definately could taste the sharpness due to the black patent, but this one turned out great. Of course it was black as midnight ( as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch.)

But like everyone said so far, use sparingly for color 4-8 oz only, unless you are wanting that taste.
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I use 17 oz in my favorite Porter, very robust, but very tasty!!

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Aug 2005
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Originally Posted by BitterRat
I use 17 oz in my favorite Porter, very robust, but very tasty!!

You're tastes are unique my friend.

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Oct 2005
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2 oz in a stout. Ate enough charcoal in the Boy Scouts!
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DeRoux's Broux
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according to ProMash, 10% should be the max for black malt in a grain bill.
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