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Jun 2012
Allentown, PA
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Not only is my wife a beer drinker, she's also my harshest critic. "Well this tastes alright, but it's not as good as your Belgian Pale." As a result 25% of everything I brew has been that recipe to ensure her continued interest in my hobby. She fully supports everything brew related (taking over half the basement, fermentation chamber construction, beer fridge), but I've been pushed to the garage for brew days. During and now after her pregnancy she just can't deal with the smell. Not really a problem with the new propane set up anyway. But our relationship was rooted in beer from the beginning, so her enjoyment of my hobby isn't a surprise.

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Oct 2009
Cincinnati, OH
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My wife is great.. She does not like beer and even seems to have an adverse reaction to mass produced alcohol in general. She wanted to see me spend less time bottling and having bottles "all over the kithen" and suggested if there was a way to get rid of the mess then go for it.. 6 kegs and a chest freezer later.. No bottles :O .. She has always been supportive and never said anything negative about my hobby.. Even recently I had a little concern with health and needed to cleanup my "living", and the boss said "I know that the beer stays so what do you want to change?". Now no red meat and mainly veggies with fish or chicken at every meal, and her and the kids simply joined in to make it easier. My SWMBO is the best and laughs when I help plan vacations stays around (within walking distance) of brew pubs where possible.

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Nov 2012
Salisbury, Maryland
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My gf drinks both beer and wine and will always taste test any beer I brew. She, so far, has been very supportive of my new hobby and will listen to my ramblings. She does get tired of the bottles everywhere but is excited about the future keezer build (probably because of the lack of bottles). I also started brewing from day one out in the garage, so that may have helped.

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Mar 2011
Flourtown, PA
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So am I the only one who's wife also brews? And I'm not talking right there next to me (which is absolutely fine), but completely on her own. She was the one that suggested we get into making wine. We also both run a homebrew club together. It is quite nice not to have to talk her into buying brewing equipment, just "sure, sounds good". And I'm pretty sure the LHBS knows her better than they know me!

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Mar 2011
Carbonear, Nl
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Originally Posted by Clonefan94
On the whole SWMBO thing though, I know it's mostly in fun, but honestly, and not to derail this thread, but how many of you would stop brewing beer and drinking it if SWMBO said "No more!" I would laugh and commence brewing.
I'm with you. My wife doesn't like any beer, but she's been great about me brewing and buying equipment. I've been brewing almost 2yrs, but she's convinced it's a "phase" lol

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Nov 2012
Northwood, New Hampshire
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I like having SWMBO involved in the hobby with me. We have pretty much done everything together from reading our first book to taking a starter class on brewing. She loves brewery tours, and brewing demo's just like I do. My only complaint would have to her reluctance to try new styles at more than a sip. One sip and she's ruled out IPA, stout, bock, porter and ESB. We share our love of wheat and hefewiezen so I guess its all good!

Raising a pint to SWMBO!
At the Coppinburgh Brewhouse, Come inside it's fun inside!

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Dec 2009
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My wife loves the term SWMBO. I've told her what it means, she knows its endearing plus she gets a little kick off the "power" associated with it but asks if shes being a good SWMBO. She also does not drink beer at all, and rarely drinks in general. But shes supportive, knows I get joy out of it and will sometimes push me a little to get something I've wanted (example being a new nitro tap set up). She's very smart so when I'm explaining brewing processes or equipment out of context and it looks like shes glazing over she can piece it together and recite it back to me months later and ask intelligent questions about it.

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Jan 2013
Double Springs, AL
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My fiancée has been very supportive. She's always happy to spend time with me, no matter what I might be doing, so brew day will be a team effort. I like that, because it means I have an extra pair of hands and eyes.

Her only concern has been the money part, because neither one of us really makes that much. She told me yesterday that if I don't have enough for our honey moon, she's going to be ticked off at my beer. Oh, and she wants me to drink less so we can lose some weight -- which is something I was already planning anyway. But really, both of those things are good things.

As for the "obey" part, well... If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I'll try to keep her happy.
Dancing Monk Brewery

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May 2012
Bremerton, WA
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Mine is supportive as well. She detests the smell of brewdays, which is why when weather permits, I have to do it outside. Other than that, she has no complaints about the carboys in the living room closet or things like that, as long as every couple of batches there is a cider for her to drink. 4 batches of Drunken Emu and a Graff later, A happy and tolerant SWMBO indeed.
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Jun 2010
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I always make SWMBO sample my brews even though she does not like beer. I can tell how good it it by the face that she pulls after tasting it.

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