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I don't have any beer snob friends that come to my house. I drink the home-brew and share if they ask for it. But a couple of my co-workers home brew. They have been invaluable.

The Apfelwein I've made has been consumed en-mass by everyone I've shared it with. Good feed back to me is "Can I have another?".

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I wouldn't say that I have a strict set of rules for my homebrew, but it's always good to make sure people know how to use a keggerator before letting them operate it. Taps that are open should be closed. I don't care how people choose to pour their own drinks, but the drip tray is there for accidents...not for head overflow. It is also not there for dumping samples. If they open the door to look inside the keggerator, they should close the door. The top of the keggerator is not a collection plate for used glasses, keys, or other miscellany.

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No rules for drinking my home brew other than put the empties in the tote so I can wash them and fill them up again.

I figure life is to short to get overwrought over some one not liking your beer or pouring it wrong.
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Generally, my setup is pretty simple. If you want beer, get invited over. If you want to take some home, bring a growler. Occasionally, I'll drop a growler off for my boat mechanic and tell him to bring it back when he is done. In turn, he gives me a discount that I never asked for. I'll also send a bottle or two to a friend of mine. He sends beer back. Works well.
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First, I wouldn't call these rules...more like pet peeves.

My biggest pet peeve comes in terms of critisisms. I cherish an honest critisism, good or bad, but don't placate me. Recently somebody told me that my pale ale was better than Mirror wasn't...not by any stretch of the imagination.
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I'll tell you what I have no patience for. I am meeting more and more people that have no interest in anything. They eat lousy processed food, just to eat. They don't want to try a homebrew or anything that they are not used to. They have no interest in nothing more than money, texting and Facebook. They have no passion for anything. I have nothing to talk about with people that have no passion for anything.
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Don't drink one and say "eww, gross." Free beer = no bitching. You can tell me you don't like it: it's not your style. But to outwardly say something like "gross" pisses me off.
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Originally Posted by whitehause View Post
I took a couple bottles of my Zombie Dust clone to a co worker who loves IPA's. He drank them a couple days later with his neighbor and they both thought it was great. The next day he shows up with a 1/4 keg and asks if I could make him a batch. I said you realize it'll take about 5 weeks, and it's not cheap. At this point he says " It's homebrew...It can't cost more than few bucks. That's why I brought the keg,it's the bottles that run the price up."
Shake head....walk away.

I don't know why people think that just because you made it, it should be free. I don't count my time when it's for me, or to share at my house, but if you want a whole batch it's gona cost you.
This is great. If I had a buddy do that I would be - you buy the ingrediants, bring them over and we'll brew it up. When it's ready, we'll fill your keg. I'd probably expect a few pints at his place in return but hey... Let them learn what you put into a batch. They may appreciate it more.
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Originally Posted by mburnett274 View Post
When I'm asked if I will make a batch of beer for someone. My response is "I can show you how to make your own".
Sometimes I get takers. the ones that don't take me up on it get the message.

When they say they just want the beer, I tell them I'll do it, but they have to pick out a extract kit from a list I give them (NB or Midwest) and pay me that price. Plus $50 deposit on kegs or $1 deposit per bottle. That usually pretty well kills the inquiry because they're usually just trying to get beer below BMC prices. Last guy wasn't happy that I wanted to charge him just under $100 for a corny of Shiner Bock clone.

The kegs are always free to tap at my house, though.
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I don't really have rules with my homebrew, outside of my normal beer rules, if you don't like it get someone else to drink it. Which isn't usually a problem in my family. And my family drinks enough craft brew to get my bottles replenished.

At the end of the day for me, relax don't worry have a home brew. It's not worth getting upset about.

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