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When offering a beer I usually start by serving a unopened big label product to others and a home brew for me. If anyone asks to try the home brew I tell them they won't like it, it's brewed for my tastes and doesn't emulate any of the big brands. If they still want to try it I serve it and tell them to feel free to throw it out and drink the commercial brand. So far I haven't had to replace any of my commercial beer.

Or friends.

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1. Pour the beer for them into a glass and rinse it yourself. Problem solved.

2. same as above.

3. There is more than ABV to consider, most of my friends also get the hop euphoria. Hell I made a whole house party passout, stumbly dumb once. Explain to people that are not used to drinking homebrew to take it easy on it because it is easy to over do it.

4. Please NEVER complain about this. If someone is giving you feedback take it with a grain of salt if the source is crazy but if it is a good source you may want to consider listening to them. Not every batch of beer I make is super fantastic and I doubt you are any different, not to mention people may not like every style of beer...

5. Same as reply 1 but split it with people or don't open it.

6. I would bottle it for them and hand it to them OR use it for cooking/freeze concentration or drink it yourself.
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Only 2 rules apply::
#1. Don't get pissed when I say you may want to watch out on that one.. It is not Natural Lite.. And then you stumble home.
#2. Most important rule EVER.. Don't have your significant other come over and "pull you home" &/or complain about how "I" get their significant other drunk..

If people don't know how to drink then homebrew is something they should avoid at all cost..

Life is like a keezer with kegs.. You never know what you might get..

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I have a friend that comes over and samples beer. His SWMBO, takes one sip of homebrew, (i mean touches lips to foam), flairs nostrils, then doesn't want anything to do with the rest. Then complains that we don't have any thing for her to drink. I give her water!!
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Originally Posted by tektonjp View Post
Jeez! STOP WHINING! Rules? Give me a break. What a control freak! Stop sharing your beer and life will be good.
Yeah, it's ONLY BEER....

First World Problems indeed....

Share your beer, don't share your beer, whatever, but if you do share, don't bitch if people don't play by your silly rules....That's giving with conditions, and that's not truly giving.
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I share mine by giving a few to my friends. I ask for the bottles to be returned but that is it. If you don't like what others do with your beer - DON'T SHARE IT !!!!!

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Originally Posted by Walking_Target View Post
Most of us got into this hobby for the simple dual purposes of drinking excellent home made brew and sharing said brew with our friends.

But most, if not all of us, upon sharing said brew with friends, tend to develop pet peeves with how our friends treat our brew, our bottles or our pride (not that anybody here could be accused of having pride or anything...)

So, to help kick this off (and because it's too darn cold outside to start a batch, here's my first few.

1. Not rinsing the bottle! I don't mind giving you beer, but for the love of all that is hoppy, just run a little water through that thing!

2. Abusing the bottles! *don't* put the cap back on a plastic bottle when you rinse it with hot water... they never get their shape back...

3. Not Believing me about ABV % Really, if you're not gonna believe me when I say it's 8% per bottle, kinda your bad decision there. Tossing two back and not being able to stand up, while mildly entertaining, is not so entertaining when you end up with that beer on your shoes. in my living room. On the carpet.

4. Complaining about my beer! It's free. It's cold. It's bad form even when it's a commercial brew, saying it's crap to me is just insulting.

5. Asking for a tall boy and only drinking a quarter of it! This is probably more annoying for those who keg, but understandable (if irritating) for those who bottle. If you can't finish a full beer, why'd you pour one? Why'd you open a 1L bottle when there's a bunch of 500ml ones with the same labels??

6. Not taking it home (wines, meads)! I keep extra bottles, safety-seal PET caps, corks, shrink wraps and etc on hand at all times. If you liked something that much, don't stick me with a bottle with one glass out of it. If I say I can cork it up for you, bloody take it. I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it!!!!! It's not violating open container law if it's sealed!

That's it for me for now, anybody else?
I agree with basically everything except 4.....If somebody doesnt like my beer, I appreciate feedback and a reason for it. I enjoy criticism, and you are in the wrong hobby if you can't handle it.

Although if I think about it, 2 and 5 don't apply to me.
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I'd rather hear the criticisms of my beers, so I know what people are really thinking about it when they drink it. Love it or hate it, sharing your beer with friends is always a mixed bag. What I hate are people that say, "oh this is great," and then basically don't drink the beer.

I also find my crowd pleasers are beers that I wouldn't normally enjoy myself, so keep that in mind when sharing with the masses.
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I'm at the stage where I keg most everything, so the bottle problem is one that I don't deal with but I do understand. When it come to drinking what you pour yourself, I agree 100%. That is probably why I don't have pint glasses. I only use small 8 oz glasses for the home brew. With regards to my friends telling me what they think of my brew...I'm all ears. I want to hear what they long as they can elaborate their answers. Don't say it sucks,...give me details why it doesn't suit your palate. Given that most of my friends are wine snobs, I guess I'm lucky because they give me details to the extreme on what they think works and what doesn't. Helps me refine my recipes.

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Originally Posted by biohaz7331 View Post
Yeah I agree with all of this and understand! I hate when people want a big glass but then only drink a little bit and then the beer gets warm and it gets wasted.
This is probably the only thing that would make me lose my cool to someone I had over. Everyone has quirks, luckily I realized that I have plenty myself, so I try not to be to harsh on others. Rudeness is really the only think I can't stand and not finishing a homebrew you asked for, would probably be one of the rudest things I could think of.

I guess I've been lucky so far, getting them to stop drinking seems to be the hard part. The only other thing I can think of is the people who ask me to bring it to their house for one reason or another. I have one friend who always wants to watch the game or have the gathering at his house and always requests I bring a little homebrew along. I usually reply with, "That's reserved for my house." Not that it's a huge deal, but the guy never seems to be free when the gathering is at my house and since I keg, I'd rather drink it the way it's supposed to be served, right out of the tap, as opposed to trying to bottle and hoping I can keep carbonation in it.

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