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Originally Posted by supermoth View Post
"The more we drink, the more we save! We're going to drink ourselves to being millionaires!"
Reminds me of the time my wife said she was going to "save us a ton of money" making our own laundry detergent.
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While this has turned into a worthy budget thread,
the whole point of "SWMBO" is domestic tranquility.
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Each time i came back from LHBS i loudly announce how much money i save by making my own beer, paying peanuts for great quality ingredients and making 10gal of great beer for cost of 12pack saves us lots of money , works so far

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my SWMBO is the greatest, not only she helps me and encourage my brew but she recently started to make her own beer, she is in her second batch, and boy the first she made this incredible APA, Im afraid she will be better than me in my hobby.
She is totally a keeper.
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I tried making things for my wife to try and get her on board with what I make. So far, that has not helped me one bit since my wife doesn't really like beer and has not been impressed with the few batches of wine that I have made so I have stopped making things "for her" since that tends to bother her. Instead, I found that cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes when I brew puts her in a much better mood.
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Originally Posted by high5apparatus View Post
Reminds me of the time my wife said she was going to "save us a ton of money" making our own laundry detergent.
So does she do more laundry now? Because we certainly drink more beer!

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My wife made some noise about my last order but not much. Since my son lives near Midwest Supplies and likes to go there as he brews too, I asked him to pick up my order to save on shipping (150 pounds of supplies). When he delivered I asked him what the total bill would be and he just said, "Merry Christmas, dad". No more noises from the wife and I'm happy.

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I could do the math to prove that brewing my own is a net savings, but who wants to win that fight?
There are few ways to a woman's heart faster than financial security. It's only a fight if there's a gray area. Saving money is saving money, my friend.
The fight you don't want to have with SWMBO is "which vice would you rather I have"...

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My SWMBO is very supportive of brewing. It is far cheaper than the other hobbies I have: home theater, computers, woodworking, cars.

I bring up flying lessons every once in a while, too

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My wife is sort of bi-polar on this. One moment she is penny pinching and I have to re-clarify that we're saving money; Then next minute she is buying me more equipment when I wasn't even asking for it.

There have even been times when she gets upset that I'm not brewing enough
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