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Originally Posted by Varmintman View Post
Excluding the starsan and such I routinely get under ten bucks

6 pd 2 row
2 pd instant rice
1 pd instant grits
1 ounce bittering hops of your favorite flavor...I like Saaz

Reuse yeast.

Mash 151 and boil 60 min. Ends up right at 10 bucks for 6 gallons for me. But be careful about using the grits because you may want some for breakfast sometime and not have any.....Like this morning

What does this end up being? It sound like a really thing light weak APA at less than 2% ABV???

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Funny, I just brewed a $10 beer last weekend.

7.5lb 2-row: $9
1 oz bulk hops: $1

Boom, $10 beer. I scooped the yeast off the bottom of another fermenter. At 71% efficiency, I got 1.042 at 5 gallons.

This does ignore propane, which I suppose is at least a dollar or two.

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Dec 2011
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I was just thinking about how cheap $10 for 5.5 gallons of beer is...

$2.50 for a 12 pack! The cheapest 12 pack I can get is Miller Highlife and I think it's about $6.

You can make a darn good cream ale or light pale ale for less than 50% of the cost of the lowest end skunk domestic beers.
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I brewed centennial blonde for $8.55, an oatmeal cookie beer for $9.89, and recently 4 5.5g batches at $12 +change (DF 60, american amber, etc.). If I counted propane costs (I don't) it would be another $1.30 per batch for me. I have also calculated equipment costs and have paid it off by now (assuming I would drink that much craft beer at 1$ a bottle). I also have had the same bottle of star san for a year now, when its finished i'll calculate that in there too, but it won't add much.

Yes it can be done, and I don't buy hops in bulk. I order 4oz at a time from farmhouse (usually the ones on sale). I use washed yeast. Grain costs me $0.63/lb in bulk.

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Oct 2011
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Counting only ingredients $10 for 5 gal is about .20 a beer. Not bad for good beer. Could we make better? yes, but that is not the point.

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Don't forget, if you buy sacks of grain, you'll need a mill. I mean, you can get full sacks crushed, but it's only going to last a month or so unless it's really protected from moisture and oxygen.
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Your only gotcha is that you'll have to spend to save. It's going to be a few hundred on ingredients up front to hit the price point, but after that you'll be golden. Maybe pick up a part time gig to cover initial equipment costs?

Right now I'm paying 0.50 - 0.60 for base malt, around 0.90 for specialty grain, and ~1.00 for good American hops. Check out the "group buy" forum to see if there is one coming up in your area.

You could do an English style pale with 8-10 # of base malt, a pound of c60 and 2z of hops for under $10.

Also, you can save extra by either using your first wort chiller water to start a 2nd mash (less propane) or take that water and throw it in the washing machine for washing your whites.

FYI - cost of propane and ice are the hidden budget killers - either could run you an added $5-$10.
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Originally Posted by kh54s10 View Post
What does this end up being? It sound like a really thing light weak APA at less than 2% ABV???
I think it is a cream ale but heck who knows. Depending on the crush though I end up around 1.035 or 1.040 for my sg. I gues it ends up about 3.5 or 4.0 alcohol though with 80%

I like it and have some brewed all the time. But I like to drink and not get snot slinging commode hugging drunk all the time.

I just checked brewtarget and my memory is working pretty good today since it came out 3.9%

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Nov 2012
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Yeah, I'm not looking to win a competition for "best beer". I just want a nice drinkable beer to enjoy, knowing that I made it myself. After reading all the comments, I do feel confidant that I can reach my goal. I think people often underestimate the process over the perfect ingredients. You can achieve a lot with something less than perfect.... and you can really mess up a batch even if you are starting with the best ingredients.

I am loving all these great tips! And, yeah, factor in every single cost, including propane... might go over 10 bucks a little. Or maybe not...

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Mar 2012
idaho falls, idaho
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I think the burning question of the day is why and how people spend 50 bucks for a batch when they can make great beer for 10 bucks

Of course I like to make a dime think it is a dollar whenever I can

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