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Will work for beer
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Originally Posted by ScottT
Please show me the source for this information. I'm adding with 15 minutes left to boil and it has worked perfectly every time I've used it.
If the author views this as a thread hijack I will split the thread, but I found some more information about Whirlfloc:

Originally Posted by BrewtieBro
I did actually hunt down the specialist at the manufacturer of Whirlfloc. The company that makes Whirlfloc tablets is Quest International in Ireland and the contact was Liam Holog? Anyway I learned several interesting things from this very friendly, knowledgeable and interesting man (he even wanted to idle talk for quite some time):

1. Whirlfoc is refined kappa carrageenan with some talcs to help in tabulation.

2. pre-hydrating whirlfloc does nothing at all to increase effectiveness. In fact it's not even water soluable at lower temperatures so all you'd be doing is getting it wet.

3. most interesting: do NOT add whirlfloc any earlier than 10 minutes before end of boil. It acts immediately and at most only really needs 5 minutes in the boil. If you add it earlier you will denature the carrageenan (not quite sure what that means - anyone?).

4. The manufacturer recently has done some google searching and was surprised that it has become so popular amongst homebrewers. Their target is large breweries and they only sell it through large distribution chains so wasn't aware it was going out to LHBS suppliers in the current volume.

5. if you are adding any more than one tablet for 5 gallon batch, don't bother. One tablet is 2.5 times the dosage they recommend. For record: one tablet is 2.5 grams. They recommend 5 grams per hectoliter (2 tablets to about 25 gallons).

Hope this info helps the detail chasers.
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Thanks a bunch, I'll start adding it at 5 minutes and see what happens. Dropping anything more out of suspension will be awsome.

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Wow, you should forward that info on to ALL of their instructions that use Whirfloc call for it with 20 minutes to go in the boil. I'll be adding it much later from now on, thanks!

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DeRoux's Broux
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i used to use a large strainer and set it on top of my primary bucket (when i used a bucket!) and poured my wort through that. it helped aerate the wort, cool the wort. now i use an aeration stone for aerating my wort, but that's another thread. when i switched to glass, i would siphon the cooled wort to my 6.5 gallon carboy. all that coldbreak has done it's work and the beer will benefit from it not being in the primary. i feel (just my own belief here) is that it helps clarity and the flavor of the brew. is it something to worry about if you have no other option, no. not at all. just my prefernce. :^)
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Baron von BeeGee
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5. if you are adding any more than one tablet for 5 gallon batch, don't bother. One tablet is 2.5 times the dosage they recommend. For record: one tablet is 2.5 grams. They recommend 5 grams per hectoliter (2 tablets to about 25 gallons).
I've never used whirlfloc...not sure I've ever seen it. Is it possible to easily break the tablets in half to make them go a bit further?

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Darth Konvel
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Been using irish moss here, although I usually forget to throw it in My funnel has a screen built in (you can remove it though), but the leaf hops tend to easily clog it, so I'm thinking of getting a mig metal mesh strainer to use instead. I did a couple batches where I dumped everthing, hops and all, into the primary and they came out fine.
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I use secondaries. :p
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Originally Posted by BeeGee
Is it possible to easily break the tablets in half to make them go a bit further?
You can buy pill-cutters at most pharmacies. My sister-in-law has to take some medication daily, but the pills are twice her dosage so she uses the little plastic doo-dad to snap them all in half cleanly. (It's basically like a small paper cutter... a little lever with a sharp blade.)

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those wirlfloc tabs are as hard as stone. i dont think they even make a pill cutter big enough to fit it inside of. I just whack mine w/ a hammer.
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3rd and Long
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It depends on the beer, but I do not usually strain the trub when putting the wort into the primary, I also don't like to use a clarifying agent. This way the protiens and hop bits can impart as much flavor as possible until I siphon to my secondary.

The exception I have to this a light bodied beer that I lager and want fairly clear.

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