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I've never had a problem with dry yeast, and use it most of the time unless I want a liquid culture for something specialty (Belgian ales, hefes, CA Common). I never got the dislike of dry yeast either, unless it was prior problems with inconsistency like BroStefan said.

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I was actually thinking of trying T-58 in my Saison next time around. Anyone ever try this?
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I use US-05 in most of my beers. I love the simplicity. I've almost got my homemade stir plate done, as soon as I do I'm going to start reusing yeast, the first victim will be the US-05 I've got going currently.

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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
Liquid yeast is def not cheaper than dry. you can wash & farm either one. Dry is mostle $1.99-$3.99,save for saflager having 2 at $4.49 & $4.99. Liquid runs $5.95-$6.99.
Don't forget to account for a couple $'s worth of DME while stepping up starters.

I toured a brewery last weekend where they use US-05 for all of their beers. They make 6 styles (Blonde, 2 Pale Ales, Stout, White, Amber). I was surprised to learn that they used it for the Stout and White - I was sure you'd have to use specialty yeast for those. But for their white, they simply skip the cold crashing and finings.

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I'm a Nottingham guy, use it most of the time.

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Dec 2011
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The only thing I dislike about dry yeast is the lag time when pitched dry. It always makes me worry that something is wrong when I don't see krausen until 36 hours later. When I pitch liquid yeast from a starter I have krausen within 8-12 hours every time.
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Then follow the directions and don't pitch it dry. Never really see a lag difference when rehydrated.

The more I brew the more I like the old ways before I "upgraded". Now whenever possible it's dry yeast in a bucket.

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I use dry for most american/english ales (S-04, S-05, Nottingham, and Windsor for a milk stout), for lagers (W-34/70 and S-23), and I've done it for a roggenbier (WB-06).

I use liquid for things that I can't find the right dry strains. Belgians, saison, and when I start getting into things like Cali Common or Kolsch later this year... But other than that, avoiding the hassle of a starter is more than worth it... And for lagers, I'd rather just buy extra packs to hit my pitch count than have to build up a 4-6L starter, as I'd need to do for 11-gallon batches.

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Originally Posted by scottyg354 View Post
Planning a heffe this weekend. Will be my first time using WB-06.
WB-06 Makes a really good Heffe.

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Oct 2011
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I was reading some horrible things about dry yeast in a homebrew book from the library. Not until they mentioned mail order homebrew companies did I look at the published date. 20 years ago.
Apparently dry yeast has been improved much since then

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