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Feb 2011
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I poured water that was too hot into a BB carboy and it melted.

Thankfully I had a second one to finish the batch... until the thermometer shattered in the wort and that brew day was destroyed. So upsetting.

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Apr 2012
Richland, WA
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Had a boilover on a 3bbl batch of IPA recently, that was fun to clean up Not real sure why or how since I used the same procedure and hit all my targets...I now watch my boils a lot closer.

Wasn't thinking and repitched yeast into 6bbl of Amber, never occured to me the hop flavor of the IPA it was last used on would bleed as badly as it did into the Amber. Even though it isn't bad it definitley is not what you expect from an is selling painfully slow, probably should have just dumped it instead of putting it on tap.
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Jul 2011
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I couldn't find the black tip to my racking cane for about a week. It had been coming loose and I assumed it fell on the floor and rolled somewhere out of sight. I transferred an IPA from secondary to keg and there it was in the bottom of the carboy. Still not sure if it was my imagination but the whole thing tasted like plastic to me.
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Aug 2011
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I forgot to put the false bottom and dip tube assembly into my mash tun.

Brought the strike water up to 163 degrees, stirred in the grains, mashed for 90 minutes. Opened up the valve to drain the wort, and nothing but grains came out. I could not figure out why. Then I saw the false bottom on my work bench.

Had to scope out all the grains into my empty fermentation pales, pour the rest of the wort into the pales, then installed the false bottom. Then poured all the wort back into mash tun.Let it sit for another half-hour. Drained it.

Beer came out great.
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Jul 2011
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Recently I was doing a double brew day, and on the second brew as I was about half way mashed in I noticed I forgot one crucial grain bag (I BIAB.) To top it all of I thought I might be able to use my pump to pump all the wort out of the kettle into buckets. That didn't work to well and my hoses clogged with grain. The beer is fermenting right now, and I hit all my numbers. I am sure it will come out amazing .
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Originally Posted by masskrug View Post
LOL! Why didn't you just pour some of that wort out? I would have poured it in the dog bowl, he seemed to like it
me dumb.
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