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Jan 2013
, WY
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Howdy all,

I's a poor boy from the mountains of Wyomin'. a few months ago I began dabblin' in the art of All Grain brewin' 'n have had some good success. Ah inherited a 5 gal Rubbermaid cooler from me bro which was FORD (found on road dead...uh, Ah'm a Ford man so no puns intended). Then ah purchased an Igloo cooler with intent on brewin' AG. So's ah' purchase the hardware for each. Ah've cooked up some 20 gallons 'a AG brew so far without the aid of them thar falsey bottoms (hmmm....give the 'magination sumpin' to thin on...) and have managed to attain anywhere's from 65 to 85 preecent Brewhouse efficiency!! Granted, a loooong diff and various unpeculiarities, for sure!! The manner in which ah do's the runnoff is simple: Ah scooops up a strainer full'a grain 'n sparge with a bit of appropriate temp'd water until ah fitures is good, then go on to the next soop 'a water and so on until the hot liquor(luv that term) tank is plumb dry 'n the sparge tank is empty. Not the most efficient, butt does me proper'ish.

Muh next investment is a "falsey" bottom... :-) 'n a sparge arm, so's ah kin gain better control of the brew which ah' brew.....

Got's to git it rite, since ah aim to brew sum goood brew fer me cronies at the Wind River Memorial shoot, 'n the 1838 Rendezvous!!!

btw, any of ya'll who's into the earyl American Reenactment from the American Revolution through the American Fur Trade Era may want to check out, "Libations of the Eighteenth Century" by David Woolsey, a very good resource on the brews, liquor and "lite" drinks of the 1700 to 1840'ish era of American history. (ye ain't lived until you've tried real Spruce Beer....)

Keep on 'a brewin' on....


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Nov 2011
Tiffin, OH
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Thanks for sharing???

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Oct 2011
, Pa
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You lost me after. "I's." Tumbleweed or Locoweed?

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Jun 2012
Birmingham, AL
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Don't feed trolls.

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