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Jan 2013
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Hello all, first post here.

I assume I confused myself with another fermentation as I thought this mead was at 1.030 when I racked it. However, I tested it today and it is indeed at 1.050.

The yeast I originally used was a Wyeast packet (4783 - Rudesheimer) with a percent alcohol tolerance of 14%. I'm considering reinoculating the mead with a new strain of yeast. However, as I have never tried to restart a fermentation I'm hoping to get some opinions first before I do anything. On hand I have Lalvin EC-1118, Red Star Montrachet, and Red Star Champagne.

I suspect the mead is still fairly nutrient rich as I added plenty at the start of fermentation and didn't allow for it to finish fermenting. But if it would be wise to add nutrients as well I have some fermaid K on hand as well.

I'd greatly appreciate any help,


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What was the OG, how long has it been fermenting, and what is the temperature of your mead?

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I racked my POM mead to secondary at 1.050 and its still slowly fermenting a month later.

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Jan 2013
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How often are you getting bubbles in the airlock of your secondary fermenter?
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Originally Posted by rowsdower44 View Post
How often are you getting bubbles in the airlock of your secondary fermenter?
read "around the bazaars" my friend. Airlock activity is a very poor way of judging the progress of a ferment.

All it tells you is that something is producing gas at a high enough pressure to bubble out through the liquid.

It doesn't tell you how far the ferment may or may not have progressed. You need a hydrometer for that. It also tells you how quickly a ferment is progressing if you take frequent enough tests.

A pH meter is also handy, as meads tend to swing their pH value quite wildly during ferment. There may be plenty of fermentable sugars and nutrient/energiser in a batch, but if the pH drops below about 3.0pH it can/will stall or stick.....
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What we really need to know would be 1)the date you pitched the yeast and 2) what was the starting S.G.? Many people do not even transfer from primary bucket to carboy & apply an airlock until they have reached the 2/3 sugar break. So if your S.G. was 1.090, then 1.030 would be the transfer point--but even if you transferred early at 1.050 odds are the must will continue fermenting since yeast are aerobic and anaerobic.
So, no need to panic just yet---but again with a bit more information the forum can help provide a bit more insight.

Welcome to the forum and may you have much success with your fermentation!!
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