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Originally Posted by fenderbass View Post
I live in a rural area. I have 12 acres, my neighbor has 13. I think he's an old hippy. He had an old school bus in the middle of his property, in a field. He had some relatives over one weekend in August to dismantle the bus and take it away for scrap. They started with hand tools, taking it apart. Then they got on the tractor and tipped it on it's side. Now they get out the cuttng torch. In August. In the middle if a dry grass field. the interior of the bus (probably the seat) caught fire and quickly spread to the dry grass. I've never seen such stupid people. Also, I've never seen stupid people move so fast. They did get the fire out before it spread to my side of the fence. That's one example, another has to do with falling a tree, power lines, dry grass (again) and a bucket of water....
Sounds like they just missed getting top honors at the Darwin Awards!
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Originally Posted by fenderbass

That's a good point.
I failed to mention that these same neighbors built a motocross track in front of their house. I know, that's pretty cool. But to listen to a bunch of two stroke engines all day on an otherwise nice quiet Sunday afternoon gets a little annoying. It kind of goes with the "here do you enjoy your homebrew" thread.
I wish my neighbor was smart enough to build a track id buddy up to go ride with him. But no hes riding a honda 50 in circles on his front lawn by himself.

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I just read this thread and I have to say that I have very good neighbors! My word! I'm am lucky. All of the ones I can see all know I brew. One comes over if I haven't invited him in a while and asks why I haven't offered him any lately. The other doesn't drink, but thinks it's funny that I make beer once per month. The last of the three keeps well enough to himself, but did finally (after 10 years) ask what I was doing. I told him. He asked if it was legal. I pointed to the printout of the law on the wall, and he was good with it. Hope they all stay healthy.
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we have over friendly neighbors who wont take a clue. we actually built a 6 foot privacy fence and they had the balls to ask if we would put a gate on the part of the fence that is running along their yard. needless to say we said no

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Just moved into my new apartment during the summer but before that I had lived in a different apartment in the same building. While I was in my old apartment our next door neighbors across the hall were from china. Now I love, LOVE trying new foods. However, they would on about a once a month occurance talk my lawn chairs, and there chairs, put them in the front lawn and drape them with cured fish to dry I guess. This wasnt the bad part, they can eat there rotten fish, it never dried because they would put it outside when it was like 70degrees with no breeze. They just rotted in the sun and had flies all over them. The worst part was that they would not rinse off my chairs when they were done with the rotten fish. So there would be little bits of rotten fat and skin and juice pools all over my chairs. Finally I started putting my chairs in the basement but that didnt help much as they would just bring them upstairs like they were community chairs, my last name was written across the back in big black letters.
And that still wasnt the worst part. After a few days you would walk by there apartment door(all of 5 feet from mine) and smell the rotten fish scraps( heads, tails). Once they realized it was stinking, rather than take it to the dumpster immediately, they would take the garbage bag and just put it in the hallway outside our apartment. So now the whole apartment stunk.
When they moved, our landlord was in the apartment almost every day fixing it up for the new tenants. He said it took almost a month of having the windows open, ripping the carpet out and painting the walls before the smell went away. The new tenants say they can still smell fish every once in awhile when they vacuum. Ugh!!
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OK - so I have to post this.

My neighbor, who I've described throughout this post, showed up at his foreclosed home yesterday. He moved out last year and the house has been vacant since then. He pretty much stripped the house of anything he could. For some reason the house is still sitting empty. The bank has done nothing about keeping it up. We've had to call the town about maintaining the property, mowing the lawn, etc... The back yard is full of junk. The front door of the home is covered in notices and ordinance violations from the town.

I went fishing yesterday. I came home to find my ex-neighbor with a trailer and pickup truck in his driveway. He was pulling off sections of the fence that runs around the property and loading them into the trailer. He had another guy with him. I said something to him, and he told me to mind my own business. He said it was his property and his fence and he could do whatever he wants to with it. I reminded him that he hadn't made a mortgage payment in about 4 years, nor had he bothered to mow the lawn, so calling it his house was a stretch at best. I told him the fence was the only thing that made living next to his garbage-strewn sh**t hole bearable.

The cops were called immediately. They showed up. They were pissed. They grilled my ex-neighbor for a few minutes and spoke to all the neighbors on the street who showed up to complain to the cops about the situation with he and the house. They made him put the fence back on and told him he'd be arrested if he showed up on the property again.

It turns out the other guy had agreed to buy the fence sections from my ex-neighbor. As soon as the cops showed up this guy kinda freaked. He told the cops he had no idea about the situation and just wanted to leave and didn't want any trouble.

Hopefully this is the last we hear from my ex-neighbor.
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Guess I am lucky. I get along great with both my neighbors. I have a key to their house and they have key to my house, ect. We are good friends and help eachother out. Only issue I have is that one guy mows his yard twice a week, which causes me to mow mine three times a week so it always looks better than his. Drives him nuts.

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so these guys bought the vacant house next to us. basically abandon for a decade. the other day they were trimming some overgrown trees and cleaning up. my wife was with our boys on that side of the house. one of them started talking to my wife and stopped when I walked up. later, they were all being macho & playing alpha male games while we were in the back yard. I can be an insanely jealous sort. I trust my wife more than anyone I have ever known in my life. it's other people I don't trust. I just might be their neighbor from hell. and I don't mean all nice like as others have posted, but Louisville Dentist kind of nice we we played in Vegas.
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Originally Posted by Nukinfuts View Post
Guess I am lucky. I get along great with both my neighbors. I have a key to their house and they have key to my house, ect. We are good friends and help eachother out. Only issue I have is that one guy mows his yard twice a week, which causes me to mow mine three times a week so it always looks better than his. Drives him nuts.
I enjoy taking care of my lawn, and take pride in its appearance. Every year, I had the SAME conversation with my neighbor. "Boy, your lawn sure looks nice, how do you get it like that?" And every year, I'd explain.. fertilize every couple months, spray for weeds at double the label rate, and mow no shorter than 3". He'd then proceed to NOT spray for his weeds, MAYBE fertilize once a year, and mow at about 2". The first two, I can deal with -- it makes no difference to me if he fertilizes or not, and I can deal with the weeds along our border. But he INSISTS on mowing anywhere from 2-5' of my property. I don't know if he doesn't know for sure where the property line is, or if he thinks he's doing me a favor (one time he mowed all the way to my garden shed), but it seriously pisses me off. He's mowing at 2" (or shorter), and I'm mowing at 4" in an attempt to let the grass choke out the weeds (which is working rather nicely...EXCEPT for the area he feels he needs to mow). Last time, I even jumped the gun to get ahead of him on the mowing "schedule", thinking he'd see that "Hey, this has been mowed already, I don't have to worry about it". Nope. He mowed it anyway. And what makes it worse is, he's moved away and is trying to sell the house. I THOUGHT I'd finally get a reprieve (maybe even get the chance to make some extra $$ mowing his lawn for him), but NOOOOOO, he loads his mower up twice a week, drives 40 miles ONE WAY to come F up my lawn.

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Hey, Just be honest. This is the property line. I mow my side, you mow yours. Since he is moving, make an offer to mow for the same amount as it would cost him is gas money.

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