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Actually tbh, I always prefered sharing one of whatever color and style... ;-)

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Your palate might just be overloaded. Lay off the IPAs for a month or two and go back and see if you enjoy them again.

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To reset, punch yourself in the mouth. Repeat if necessary.
............Alright Brain, you don't like me, and I don't like you. But lets just do this, and I can get back to killing you with beer......~Homer

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I second the overload thing. My buddy and I went to a homebrew club meeting where there were like 25 outstanding Belgian abbey-style beers for sampling. This was 6 months ago, and neither of us can STAND a big raisiny Belgian any more. Palate fatigue in the worst way. It might be this summer before I feel like another tripel.

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Originally Posted by highgravitybacon View Post
I used to love them. It was my go-to beer style. But all of the sudden my mouth revolts. The piney bitterness is just horribly unpleasant to me. The same beers I used to love now are just okay. It's like my mouth isn't the same mouth as it once was. It's like I have a different mouth now.

Lagers. Hated lagers. Dopplebock to me mean "Double Shart" hated them. Belgian tripel, ass in a bottle. Not so any more. Ever since I started Seriously drinking Duvel, Westmalle, and Orval, I can't handle the hoppy beers. I know that Orval is a fairly hoppy beer, but not like an American IPA.

I even found myself ordering a Abita Purple Haze and buying Leines Berry Weiss the other day. It was like I had Chick Mouth. My god. What's next? A case of Mich Ultra in the house? Who have I become? I won't even recognize my mouth in the mirror anymore I bet.

Has this happened to anyone else? You are suddenly disgusted in that which you once loved? I don't mean wives or girlfriends. I mean much more serious things: beer.

This happens to me anytime I drink too much of a certain beer and...uh...let loose. About 2 years ago I drank waaaaaay too much IPA and barfed that night. I couldn't drink IPA's for well over a year. I'm just now getting back into them. And last summer I had an incident with a scotch ale, same thing, I can't even look at it without getting a weak stomach.

In the meantime I went from loathing Belgian beers to absolutely loving them. So, there's that.

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Had something similar happen to me. In my case I started having a strange piney resiny reaction to almost all beers for about 2 weeks. On my second beer it kept starting to feel/taste like pine resin was building up on my tongue where that is all I could taste. Even with a non hoppy Guiness from the bar. I actually stopped drinking beer for a week or two due to being busy and tired and just not really wanting one, and when I went back all was better again.

Maybe it is a sign of my palate shifting to allow me to differentiate between ingredients more and needed to dial in a little. Who knows. Switch to something that is pleasing to you for a while and then have a hop bomb or a belgian or something as a treat and see if things have changed. I know I have had IPA fatigue several times as well.

It could be anything. So long as you aren't trading in homebrew and other delicious beers for fizzy lemonade malt beverages or Zima.

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I'm in a similar boat.... 3-4 years ago I loved IPA's and beers on the less sweet side. I completely got out of homebrewing in 2009 and started drinking bourbon with diet coke in an effort to cut calories and lose weight. I think getting used to the sweet taste of bourbon effected my palate, as I now find IPA's hard to drink.

Fast forward to 6 months ago, I drink a Jeremiah Red at BJ's and LOVE the sweet malty taste with low bitterness. This sets me on a quest to find a beer I can buy at the store that tastes similar. The closest I can find is Eye of the Hawk, but I can only get it by special ordering it a case at a time, at $40 a case.

Then I think, $40 a case???? Heck, I can make a 5 gallon clone for $25. Thus, now I am heavily back into homebrewing trying to tweak a recipe to replicate that malty sweet Jeremiah Red.

I guess palates do change, so to each their own!

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I suggest a Tom Selleck beard. If having that over your mouth doesn't remind it it's a man mouth nothing will.

If that doesn't work, eat raw habaneros. Punish it for punishing you.
"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music" --George Carlin

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I've shifted that way too. I used to like big IPAs like Boneshaker, but recently have switched to english style ales and german lagers.

I'm sure i'll be back to the IPAs in time, but for now lighter, more malt oriented beers are my go-to drink.

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Jan 2013
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I've never liked IPAs. I've tried a few, but I just really don't like hoppy beers. I prefer malty ones, or maybe yeasty ones. I like stouts, especially oatmeal and imperial stouts, scottish ales, and porters. And Abbey ales.

That said, tastes do change. And sometimes you'll try one and not like it, then later try it again and love it. It could be the temperature at serving. It could be what you are eating with it. It could be that particular bottle wasn't aged or carbed right, or something else.

Tastes change over time. I like foods now that I used to hate, and avoid foods I used to love. My brother started out liking a particular microbrew near where he lives. Then he spent several years feeling indifferent about it, or even disliking it. But he had one not too long ago and said it was really good. So these things happen.

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