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I think it's more about the way the hops are used, the amount you settle on, and the style of beer they are used in... rather than the particular strain of the hop.

There's a time and place for them all!

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Originally Posted by gbx View Post
I'm not a big fan of straight styrian in any quantity as it seems to taste either grassy or metallic but ever since the brewing network CBYI Hobgoblin ep I've become a fan of a late addition Styrian/Cascade blend. The keg I just tapped is a pale ale I did with 1.25oz of Styrian and .25oz of Cascade at zero and I'm really happy with it. Just a little bit of cascade (but not enough to identify as "cascadey") really punches up the english hops.
I'll find that show, and give the recipe a try. Thanks for the tip.

Edit: here's the recipe on HTB:

Reason: added link

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I agree with the "Fuggles = dirt" sentiment. Funny thing: I thought that I didn't like tetnanger either, but after reading "For the Love of Hops" it turns out that what is called Tetnanger in the US is probably a Fuggles clone. Now I need to seek out the real stuff and try it out.

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I have several that I don't like as a single hop. Simcoe, summit, cluster and galena to name a few. Used with other hops they can work well though.

There are however two that will never be in a beer I brew. Pride of Ringwood tastes like a mix of chemicals. And the aforementioned fuggle. They taste like mud.

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Nugget and Cluster taste like cat piss to me. Can't stand them. To each their own, I like several of the hops mentioned previously.

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Not a lot of love for fuggles or styrian goldings around here. To that I ask, what do you think of cilantro?

I used to be a big fan of citra, although lately beers brewed with them have started to taste a bit onion-y for me.

Hands down, the worst hop I've ever tried was Argentinian cascade.

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Too new to hate any hops yet...but the Zythos we hopped with at flameout last weekend had a very strange smell to it. I am not optimistic.

Update- I rescind this comment. Brew came out VERY nice. Less intensity than cascade with a very nice aroma.
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I gotta be honest, I'm not big on Cascades.

I know, I know, kinda crazy. But they just never really satisfy me. I would never say they're gross (ex. Fuggles, smells like cheese to me, but I don't mind it as like a 30 minute addition) but just not a huge fan. I'll use cascade in small doses as finishing hop or aroma hop, but I think it's awful as a bittering hop. Don't mind it as a FWH though.
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Originally Posted by Pilgarlic View Post
Cluster. It's half of a word.
I can do without catpiss...thank you.

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I personally don't have enough experience with enough hops to really pinpoint a certain one I dislike. With only 25 batches or so under my belt, I've used a handful of hops.

However, I can say that I hate used hops. I mean, coming out of the beer they are slimy, wet, and just gross. Does this count?
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