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Originally Posted by LabRatBrewer View Post
I'm sure it is a good hop, but I've yet to make a really good beer with Styrian Goldings. I think I need to find it a good dance partner.
I'm not a big fan of straight styrian in any quantity as it seems to taste either grassy or metallic but ever since the brewing network CBYI Hobgoblin ep I've become a fan of a late addition Styrian/Cascade blend. The keg I just tapped is a pale ale I did with 1.25oz of Styrian and .25oz of Cascade at zero and I'm really happy with it. Just a little bit of cascade (but not enough to identify as "cascadey") really punches up the english hops.

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Cluster. It's half of a word.

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Cascade by itself is unpleasant to me. Even in combinations where it is 50% are still not pleasing. As a bittering hop, hate it.

Late addition German Magnum is not great. It tastes dirty.

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Originally Posted by jamesdawsey View Post
Zythos. It's supposed to take the place of centennial and cascade in the hop shortage, or so I'm told. Holy crap it's gross.

That's it though. Even though fuggles smells like sweaty feet, I like it in an american brown ale.
Yes! It was nothing but distilled turd flavor to me. Awful.

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I don't like Willamette by itself, which is not so different from disliking Fuggles and Slovenian Fuggles, aka, Styrian Goldings. I do like it in a Rye Amber with a lot of Cascade. I suppose there are probably a lot of hops that are great when used as part of a combination in the right style, and pretty dreadful in the wrong circumstances. I like to put hot sauce on a lot of different foods, but I've never eaten a bowl of it.
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All I can say is that I've had my local microbrews Rye IPA (Maumee Bay Rye Level IPA) and it was the single most disgusting beer I've ever had. They boast five hops, but only name Amarillo and Cascade, so I can't say what it was, but damn, it was just... terrible. Like eating a lemon rind wrapped around a clove of garlic, with a touch of puke. Gah.

I have love for MBBC, but.... gah.
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I'm somewhat new to this, so I can only recognize a handful of hops, but of the ones I've used so far, I don't like Galena. I used it as a bittering hop, yet I can still taste it in the resulting beer. It just tastes like stale dirt, or even a little like oxidized beer to me.

I really don't like any of the piney, resiny hops; is that Chinook? Anything that tastes like gin or a pine tree, no thank you.

Not a huge fan of Citra, but I don't mind it too much.

My favorites are Cascade and Zythos. I'm frankly a little surprised at the Zythos-hate I'm seeing in this thread! My house pale ale uses nothing but Zythos.

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Originally Posted by Denny View Post
HURRAY! Gary Glass and I have a "Fuggle hater club". Wanna join?
I didn't realize I was in such exalted company.

I love most English style beers, but anything with fuggles tastes like someone put a handful of dirt into it. I get "earthy", but this isn't earthy at all to me- it tastes like garden soil! Yuck.
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I hate Simcoe. I know it's supposed to be like the greatest thing since oral sex, but I just can't stand it.

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Not a fan of Fuggles as well, or Willamette, except in dark beers. And I really dislike Northern Brewer - especially when used in a lager or a pale ale. Tastes like I'm drinking a piece of wood
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