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Sep 2012
Cork, Ireland
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Let's add the fuggles to the list, I really dislike it.

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Jun 2005
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Originally Posted by Apatride View Post
Let's add the fuggles to the list, I really dislike it.
Added way back at the beginning....welcome to the Fuggle Haters Club!
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Jul 2010
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Interesting how everyone has different takes on hops. That's what makes the beer world go around, I guess.
Had a single hop IPA with nothing but Fuggles, 60 IBUs, at Hopworks last night and it was great.

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Feb 2011
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I hate Calypso. I've tried to like it, but it tastes like bitter granny smith apple skins to me. Maybe good in a mix with others, but just not good by itself. I have almost two pounds of the crap - the only hops so far that I feel I have wasted money on. I can't bring myself to use it in another beer...

Also hate Summit - tastes like onions to me. I have an IPA bittered with it from over a year ago - it is "savory" ;-)

I have a love/hate relationship with Chinook. I love the taste in late additions, but it is WAY too harsh in early additions (especially with high sulfate water). Works well with other C hops late and dry hopping though.
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Feb 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
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In general, I not to keen on American varieties. Although this is likely because I'm currently into malty and balanced beers and don't enjoy anything over .5 on the BU:GU scale. The only hop I ever used that the flavor just really ruined the beer for me was some NZ Hallertau I had a while back. I even made a post about it that nobody replied to: Funnily enough, I never had a problem with Fuggles and love Willamette.

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Aug 2011
Walnut Creek, CA
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Originally Posted by cyclonite View Post
Also hate Summit - tastes like onions to me.
Everytime I have used Amarillo I get a faint onion smell mixed with citrus--I usually smell it in the opened pellets and in the beer up to about 10-12 days after usually fades out, but next to Citra, Simcoe, etc. the Amarillo I have tried smells like onions...I will try and see if it was batch specific (bought a lb of pellets, and 2 oz foil bags from two different places) but I don't think I will be buying a pound of it again.

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Hailstorm Brewing Co
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Aug 2011
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Just read through all the posts in this thread, very interesting to see all the differences in everyones palette, although, I should expect that based on the varieties of food liked/hated. Funny thing is, I've never met a food I've hated (and I've eaten some really 'bizarre' foods in foreign counties; thymus gland, brain, pancreas, and blood pudding to name a few), and also never met a hop I didn't like. I have never tasted or smelled the "cat piss" people get from some of the high alpha American varieties (if that's what cat piss smells and tastes like I think I need to get a cat). I have found that certain varieties can get grassy when over-utilized as a dry hop, but I have to agree with the post that every hop has a time and place to be used.
Hailstorm Brewing Co

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Nov 2012
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Hmm I've enjoyed employing a magnum/ fuggles combination in my porters and stouts and find it works in moderation with these styles.
I bought some Ahtanum awhile back and used it in a CDA but didn't find it all that appealing. I don't think I have yet had a beer that I really liked that used Ahtanum.

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Nov 2011
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+1 fuggles H8. No one hated on crystal yet... I don't exactly hate it, but i NEVER use em. I find them boring and easily replaceable. Still think Mt. Hood hasn't been hate raped either, but I can't take the honor. Love em. Also, do not much care for nugget for anything but bittering and Magnum or Williamette for anything period.

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Jun 2012
Katy, Texas
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Bought an elbow of Sterling and did a 2 row SMaSH. Yeah...anyone want the rest of my Sterling?

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