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Jan 2013
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Hey guys I started brewing my first beer and I did everything perfect up until the bottling stage. I filled the bottles up with my brew and then added the sugar into the bottle. And then slammed the lid on before it had a chance to fix up and over... Is this going to affect my brew? Is there an easier way of doing this? Next time I brew should I put the sugar in the bottom of the bottles first or should I make up a solution and add it to the mix before I bottle

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Make a water/sugar mixture (1/3 cup corn sugar to 2 cups water) and put that in the bottom of the bottling bucket before you siphon from the fermenter to the bucket. That will mix it evenly through the batch and it should (according to everything I've read) be equal among all the bottles.

Then fill the bottles to within 1 inch from the top of the bottle and cap. I filled 12 at a time and then capped last night.

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Did you boil the sugar first? If not, you run the risk of introducing infections.

How much sugar did you add to each bottle? Adding to each bottle is also error prone and you'll probably end up with uneven carbonation across your batch.

Next time I would suggest boiling the sugar in water, then add to your bottling bucket and rack onto it in. You can direct the flowing beer to move in a swirling motion to mix the sugar solution.

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Yes boil the sugar. It helps to dissolve the sugar completely and sanitize. I usually just let it boil a couple of minutes. Then add to the bottling bucket and let it mix while raking your beer to it. I also give a gentle stir.
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Don't worry about the sugar. I've done lots of 'not boiled' sugar. Natively, sugar is to dry for bacteria or mold to grow on, that's why we throw it in our cupboards and not a fridge.

Yes there could be a few bacteria from processing in with the crystals, but the quantity is going to be over taken by the yeast.

As for the process, you can put the sugar on top or on bottom, BUT I think the easiest is to disolve and boil and then syphon the beer on it as described by mcangeli.

Much easier than trying to measure a tiny bit and put it in each bottle. OR you can use carbonation tabs, which are basically little sugar pills about the size of a cough drop. I think 1 per 12oz bottle.

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It'll take more than 1/3C of dextrose to carbonate,even for an English style ale at low carbonation. Use this priming calculator to determine how much sugar to use by weight per style;
Boil 2C of water in a small sauce pan for a few minutes. Remove from heat & dissolve sugar in it,cover,& let sit till it comes down in temp. Since the water is boiling hot,& pasteurization happens about 162F,it'll sanitize all by itself without boiling the snot out of it. You don't want to end up with a simple syrup. A bit less fermentables that way.
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