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Sep 2011
Illinois, Outside the peoples Republic of Madigan
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Just tell her it will keep the deer away, or whatever nuisance animal gets her plants

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Feb 2012
Sac City, IA
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My back yard borders a fairly busy county road, and the front yard is a cul-de-sac with an elderly lady that likes to keep an eye on me, so my backyard whizzing is limited to late night when I can see headlights a ways off. But every now and then, I piss on one side of the tree while the dog waters the other side.

Back in HS I took a wilderness canoe trip in southern Minnesota. Even the girls were practicing writing their names in the sand. (That HAD to take some acrobatics...) Couple of us almost got into trouble the one day we went in to town...the urge hit, walk up to a plant in the middle of main street and reach for the zipper when you think "Wait... I probably shouldn't do this here...."

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Nov 2011
ft worth
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Had a small palm(knee high) right outside the back door that took many a yellow shower...it died.

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Mar 2012
idaho falls, idaho
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And I am trying to kill the grape bush. Going to have to wait though for spring to see if it worked.

I bet there are many more tree killers here on the forum

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Jul 2011
Red Bank, NJ
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Originally Posted by Varmintman
Now that I am married I have to walk over to the grape bush. Weird being married.

I think it is a country boy thing more or less. Always outside working so you just let fly
Here in Jersey we use fire hydrants

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Oct 2011
Marysville, WA
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Had a raccoon problem with my pond and somebody mentioned urine keeps them away. Started peeing wth purpose then, to save my fish. Funny thing is, haven't had a raccoon visit since. Although now I am dealing with a blue heron that evidently isn't put off by my pee. Thing has an 8 foot wing span and bolts before I can toss a rock at it. Ugly bird up close.

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Feb 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
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tell your wife to "pop a squat" herself outside and see how liberating it is
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Kegged empty

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Sep 2011
Illinois, Outside the peoples Republic of Madigan
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In college my we usually drank at my friends place, for some reason the only bathroom in his apt was on the 2nd floor. Bad idea in a college town. So we designated a outdoor urinal, by the time 2 years was past there was a 10 foot circle with no grass growing in it.

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Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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Maybe I should work on the ivy growing around the fir tree in the front.

It's a big patch of ivy, but piss is free, most of it goes to waste and roundup costs money.

Hmmm..... maybe not.
I've got a couple good dogs buried under that tree and it's just not right to pee on a friends grave.
Not that they never crapped in my house, but still.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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Dec 2011
Culpeper, VA
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Urine will absolutely KILL vegetation if done in the same spot frequently. This is why I alternate my pee spots in the yard, mark the fence...at night, perhaps even wonder over to the neighbor's property and help him with his dry grass problem.
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