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6 and 3 year old daughters. Brewing is the best way to have a hobby and stay at home. Kids help, you can keep an eye on them, and mom isn't looking at her watch wondering when I'm gonna be back from the golf course.
Best. Hobby. Ever.

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My wife is at ten weeks. It's crazy and I'm psyched! However, our life revolves around beer: Beer festivals, Breweries on days off, etc. Well she has learned to smell beer really well and I have learned that dragging her to a brewery on a Saturday when she can't drink anything is just inconsiderate.

We have already canceled three beer festivals that we go away for every year, a trip to Vegas and a trip to Portland to try all of the amazing beer out there. Oy. All that extra money is going into our savings account.

My brewing has not taken a hit though. I have done 7 batches since finding out. That makes 5 on tap and 11 in fermentors.
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My son is 5 months old. Beer consumption has increased, beer brewing has decreased. Since he was born in July I've brewed 5 batches, compared to 9 batches from Jan to July. It's picking up a little more now that he's past the point of needing to be held all the time and getting up every 3 hours to eat around the clock. Wife has no trouble letting me have a few hours from time to time.

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Originally Posted by mytommygundont View Post
My brewing has not taken a hit though. I have done 7 batches since finding out. That makes 5 on tap and 11 in fermentors.
Get your stockpile ready now. The first two or three months are going to be hectic.

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I have a 17 month old son. Prior to his arrival, I would brew every three weeks or so. Now, it's every two months or so. I think that may increase to every six weeks, but we'll see about that.

I didn't drink much after he was born. Was wayyy too tired. One beer would put me to sleep. Adjusting to having the responsibility of a baby is exhausting enough. Add in nighttime feedings, and you literally go insane. (Ever see the Simpsons episode where Apu works a 72 hour shift, and he thinks he's some sort of hummingbird at the end of the shift?)

You start adapting to life without sleep after a few months. I think I started feeling comfortable having a few beers after 2-3 months or so.

I used to start my brewday around 9-10am on a Saturday or Sunday. Now, like others, I'm an evening/nighttime brewer. If all goes as planned, I try to mash in around 3-4pm on Saturdays when my wife gets home from work. However, straddling brewing with parenting responsibilities can be stressful. Sometimes, I just wait until after dinner to mash in. It's a late night, but less chaotic.

Congratulations on your oncoming child. Best of luck.
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Originally Posted by inhousebrew
I mash in around seven, kid (2.5 now) goes down at eight, sparge as soon as I can. Sometimes I brew on the weekends, sometimes at night.

let's see, other advice:
Just because they are old enough to hold stuff doesn't mean they should hold the hydrometer.
Once old enough they are great mash stirrers.
Once they are old enough they love to eat grain, well, at least mine.
It's odd hearing a toddler talk about beer when they see a very large kettle.
Brewing can actually get you some alone time which is nice.
I'm at the same spot. My 2 1/2 yr old says things like "momma make beer" and wants to "help" a lot. I did two batches in the last 2 weeks. The first was a Sunday and I mashed in around 11 am and was doing the majority of stuff during his nap. Friday night I prepped in the late afternoon and mashed in at 5:45. Ran & got my BF's 10 yr old son from afterschool, made dinner. Heated sparge water, ate, sparged, put kettle on the flame, gave 2 yr old a bath. Did 60 min additions, put kid to bed.... Finished up and cleaning done by 10pm. Passed out on couch at 10:15.

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I have a 7 and a 2 year old, and a 4 day old baby at the house. I tried my best to get stocked up before she came but she came early. I have 5 gallons each of AIPA, and a Rye APA on tap, about 3 cases of bottled homebrew and store bought, and 5 gallons of RIS in primary. I was hoping to get at least one more batch brewed but oh well. A good time saver is to mash the day before you plan to brew, overnight mashes are great for efficiency too.

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Well I don't have one on the way.... Yet... But I wanted to congratulate all expecting dads and moms alike. Having a kid is awesome !!! You'll get very little sleep and as they get older very challenging but ultimately so worth every second. My 4 year old helps me brew now and actually knows what all the equipment is called and a really basic idea of what I'm doing its quite funny. The only thing is what's he gonna say when he goes to school !!! His teachers are gonna think I have a meth lab at home lol !!
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I'm 9 weeks away from our little Nugget making her grand entrance. I'm super excited! I'll probably be a zombie for the first few months from what I've read but i'm filling the fermenters up as much as I can before then. 10 Gallon batches really helps! Congrats to all the other new Dad's out there as well!

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Dec 2010
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I've got one that turned five a few months ago and another that's supposed to be here around the end of June.
Beer consumption went waaay down but is slowly creeping back up to acceptable levels.
The brewing is something SWMBO lets me do with no complaints. I just make sure she knows in advance when brewing days are and she leaves me be for the whole six hours.
Have to agree with all the posts about letting the kids help out. Daughter enjoys stirring, tasting and picking the sprouts out of the mash. Started letting her help after a short article in the back of BYO (i think. might be Zymurgy. I'm old and get confused easily). She also enjoys trips to the LHBS and the local beer store (if only for the Twizzlers she gets from the clerks).
But a word of caution: Don't let your kid fake "taste" a beer. I did and she told her teacher that she tasted beer. Which led to teacher telling mother-in-law which led to M-i-L telling SWMBO.
Good times, good times.....

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