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Jan 2012
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I don't mind receipts per se, but I am annoyed by unnecessarily large receipts. I bought a six pack and some beef jerky- why is this receipt a foot and a half long? With a coupon for fat free yogurt. What about my purchase says I'm interested in fat free yogurt?!

I hear you on the bags too, KayaBrew. I once bought a bucket and a scrub brush. The cashier put them in separate bags. I just bought a bucket. It's designed for the sole purpose of holding and transporting other things. Like scrub brushes. Oh, are you concerned that someone will think I'm shoplifting if my purchase is not in a bag? Well, good thing I have this 4-foot receipt to prove I paid for it!
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If they ask I say I don't want it, but if they just hand it to me I'll take it and stick in my back pocket. If nothing else it's something to jot a quick note down on if you don't have any other paper.
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I like our local Home Depot. They have a guy in the front who checks your receipt.... not what is on it, but the fact that you are holding a receipt... before you leave. Shrinkage must be insane.
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Nov 2012
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Now I have got to admit, I'm a little anal.

I pay for everything with a credit card, I only have 1. So I know where every $ is spent. I watch everything before I sign it. Sometimes I double check it.

I was blown away when a shop keeper wanted to charge me $2500 for a $250 dollar item. I will never go back there again. Just last month we had a verbal agreement what this thing would cost, I got the receipt and had another $$$ figure on it. TRUST NO ONE!

Now if I were buying a donut for cash............................................

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