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Feb 2007
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It would be called Gruit Ale.

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Sep 2007
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Very cool. Thanks for the nice link.

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I'm about as far from being a hop head as you can get but I would not want a beer without hops. Hop character is a huge part of what makes beer taste like beer. I just don't think a hopless beer would taste right.

I would be interested in tasting one sometime just to see what it is like.

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You'd have Colt45.

My tastes for hops are all over the map. I like IPAs but I also dig the Blonde I made last batch. It only had an ounce of Fuggles at 60min. That's it. My father, who usually hates anything over 25 IBU even said this beer could use a little more bite. It tastes pretty good to me.
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From what I have gathered, a lot of the beers that were originally brewed in this country didn't have hops, because hops are not native to North America (at least where people were settled). All hops had to be imported from the Mother country. I'm pretty sure that other bittering agents like spruce tips were used on occassion.

Now, some beers deliberately have little or no hop character or bitterness. Lambis, for example, use hops that have been aged in horrible contitions for years. There's no bitterness left in them, certainly no flavor or aroma, but apparently they still provide some preservative qualities.

Me, I'm all over the map. The best beer I've ever sampled has got to be Pliny the Elder - they really don't get any more hop-centric than that. I've also been drinking a lot more Belgians lately, where the hops are really only there to provide balance. You'll see that in some big German lagers, the hops are there to keep the beer from becoming cloyingly sweet.

What about that beer that Dogfish Head makes, the one that's supposedly based on a recipe from thousands of years ago? Is that Midas Touch, am I thinking of the right one? I haven't tried that, but I'm pretty sure it's hop-free.
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Apr 2007
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To pick up from the_bird many styles of beer originated in areas where hops didn't grow and thus were expensive. They were used sparingly and the flavour profiles are more about the malt and or yeast used with sufficient hop bitterness to balance the beer and no flavour or aroma additions. Try a Scottish Ale recipe to see what the other end of the hop spectrum is like.

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Sep 2006
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It'd be... A starter?


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i've thought about making a "sumerian/viking" beer without using hops. wouldn't really be a true sumerian recipe, but i'd use dates and honey for sure

bittering agents would be something besides hops like rosemary, maybe evergreen or something.
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Heather, spruce tips, rosemary...

and yet we give the lemon and lime the snob treatment.

Just throwing that out there.
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Sep 2007
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I think im gonna play with the amount of hops in a few batches. Maybe do the same brew a couple times and cut the hops in the second batch. than we can sample side by side. :0

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