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Dec 2012
New Brunswick, NJ
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And also I guess ones you want to visit/tour in the near future. For the sake of fun I'm going to try to do this chronologically

Sam Adams (the Boston test facility)
Cooperstown Brewery
Brewery Ommegang
Heavy Seas
Flying Fish (got a tour of the facility from the head of sales while on an interview)
River Horse

Now I'll say I'm sure I'm forgetting a few but those are the ones I've been on a tour of (and all but Sam I'd toured at least twice)

Tours I'm working on completing this year or next year

Victory (been to the brew pub but didn't' get to tour the facilities and I'd like to since apparently for Golden monkey they use a large open air Fermenter and I want to see it)
Kane Brewing Co
Cricket Hill
Dogfish Head
Flying Dog
Six Point (since those 2 are like 10 minutes from each other)

and eventually I'm planning on going to GABF which means I want to go bananas and try to get to New Belgium, Oskar Blues, and Left Hand, maybe places like Boulder or others. But basically make a really good brewery trip capped off by GABF.

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It's about the beer.
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Apr 2010
Upper Peninsula, Michigan
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Too many too remember and list. Ones that stand out are:

  • Weihenstephan
  • New Belgium
  • Lakefront

By far my favorite was Weihenstephan. They got us drunk after the tour (which was very impressive in itself). Plus the tour was given by one of the brewmasters himself, and stuck around to BS about beer and brewing while drinking with us. Oh, and the beer was not bad either

Oh, and I did a similar thing that you're talking about. Basically went nuts and drove to breweries all over Colorado in one trip. It's nice to see them, and sample beers that you can't otherwise get your hands on. But, it's exhausting, and my impressions seemed to start to meld together as everything amalgamated into a buzzed blur. Have fun!

(jealous about your GABF visit - that's on my list as well)
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hoppyhoppyhippo's Avatar
Dec 2012
New Brunswick, NJ
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Well the plan isn't in full effect yet, because of other events that may interfere with it.

Cooperstown Brewery the one time we went there was like what you were talking about getting drunk. I didn't but my girlfriend was hammered. Then again at the time I could drink a case of beer and still be conscious so I wouldn't gauge it off me but they have I believe only 6 or 7 beers, but they pour you a good 6 ounce or so serving, and we wanted to tour so we showed up early and while waiting the owner kicked us in on a tasting with the group ahead of us and when we finished we got roped into another tasting so we drank basically a 6 pack in 20 to 30 minutes, not bad at all. I feel like I could have gotten drunk at magic hat, it wasn't like there was a limit on how much you could drink that I could tell. I guess when you had all the varieties they had on draft you couldn't have any more.

Heavy Seas limits you to 5 tastings, but I've officially been recognized by them so when one of the people who recognizes me waits on me they hook me up with 6-8 ounces instead of 4. The one time we went I was in an Ommegang Sweater and the brewer loved Ommegang and it was their last tour before christmas so they were drinking special stuff and I kept getting offered stuff. Like an unfiltered loose cannon, nom.

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Dec 2012
Philadelphia, PA
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Been to the Brew Pub @ Victory like yourself but now that I'm really getting into this brewing lark I want to go to a good few soon, pref in between work in Spring/Summer.
Smick Daddy Brewing

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45_70sharps's Avatar
Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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Well back in the seventy's I went through Olympia brewery.
Absolute crap beer but I got to see a brewery.

What what I like to see?
Probably Deschutes Brewery.
They do make some damn fine beer there.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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In secondary
Pumpkin ale

In primary
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Up next.. Firestone Union Jack clone

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Sep 2011
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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went to Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR. T'was grand.

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Nov 2012
Chaska, Minnesota
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Summit Brewery. Only been to one, just turned 21 on the 4th. Plan on many more tours in the future though.

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Mar 2011
St. Louis, MO
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A /B before & after it was A/BINBev (both free & Beermaster)
Six Row
Civil Life
urban Chestnut

Notice at st. Louis theme....
Pibbles Brewing - est. 2011

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Dec 2012
Acworth, Georgia
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Newcastle (new brewery)
Samuel Smith's
Three Floyd's
Capital City Brewpub
Max Lager's Brewpub
Red Hare (Marietta, GA)
Red Brick
Burnt Hickory

My dad has never been to Athens, GA. When we go, I'll make sure to go to Terrapin.
My sister is getting married in Portland this May. I'll be going to Bridgeport and maybe a few others.

I've also toured Old Goat Winery and Maker's Mark distillery.
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Dec 2012
Philadelphia, PA
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Don't know how, but I forgot to add St. James' Gate to my list! Doh!

Done a fair few distilleries in Scotland & Ireland too. Although they're pretty much the same really!
Smick Daddy Brewing

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