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Nov 2010
, Maine
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I've heard of people having better success making wine out of maple sap in terms of flavor. I also sugar but just for my family. We only tap about 15 or so trees. I'd much rather save the sap for sugaring. I make gallons of beer, but only a few pints of syrup.
For those that have never done it, you get approx. 1 gallon of syrup for every 40 gallons of sap you boil down.

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Feb 2005
Hubbardston, MA
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Made a porter with 10 gallons a friend gave me, I used it in place of water in all steps of the brew. It was the best porter I ever made, but it really had no maple taste. As far as fermenting dry, mine did not, it finished @ 1.016, the amount of sugar in the sap is really low like 2 % so it doesn't change the beer much at all.

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Jan 2012
Portland, Maine
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Warrens Finest Liquids ( a Nanobrewery from Warren Vermont) made a world class rated beer with maple sugar. Heres a link to the beer advocate page. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/17980/43978

They got a silver medal in the World Beer Championship (Thats a thing right?) for this beer. Maybe trying to track down a bottle and take notes about it would help you in developing your own recipe as well. It couldnt hurt for sure

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Jun 2011
, Vermont
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I made an excellent pale ale last year. I boiled 20 gallons down to the amount necessary to mash and sparge. There is a hint of maple in the finish and a bit of a woody flavor up front. I will certainly do it again.
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Feb 2008
Jay, Maine
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I have brewed a few times with maple sap. I usually use twice the amount of sap as I would water boil down like making syrup and then use to brew. Does give a different flavor to the pale ale I make. Little earthy maple notes.

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Nov 2012
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What about using maple syrup, like you would use honey in any other brew?

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Dec 2010
Terryville, CT
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I just did that with an imperial nut brown ale - 16 or 20 oz of maple syrup at knockout (don't remember the amount off the top of my head). The beer came out very well, but there's almost zero maple character there. Everything fermented out.

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Old 01-21-2013, 07:03 PM   #18
Aug 2011
Montreal, Quebec
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I brewed a Northern English Brown Ale (recipe from Jamil's book) with maple sap that was passed through reverse osmosis filter (concentrated about 3 times). The water was 1.020.
I used it in the mash (and most of the sparge. It raised my gravity of 0.020 points.

The beer was great. It gave it a woody, minerally taste that blend very well with the nutty side of the original beer. You can taste the maple, but it's not sweet. It fermented very well. The beer was 7% ABV instead of 5% (original recipe)

It's worth a try!

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Old 01-22-2013, 01:55 PM   #19
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Jan 2013
nowhere near NYC, New York
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If I remember right, the maple sap is almost like pure filtered water with some sugar. I know it it is great to drink, especially if the water is bad in the area you live in. That might be a great reason to try it.

BTW, you can also make cherry suryp from cherry sap, birch suryp, apple suryp, etc, etc,...,... It just takes about twice as much sap due to the lower sugar content!
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Feb 2013
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First time poster, long time lurker. Just tapped 4 trees yesterday, and already have over 8 gallons. Planning on Boiling down 15 gallons on wednesday, and looking for ideas to use my maple sap. Complimentary recipes or flavors. Love the dried fruit caramel flavors from this belgian dubble I made couple of months back. Thinking amber ale or porter. Have a bit of belgian special b and 120L crystal grains for that flavor. Anyone?

Reason: sap not syrup

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