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Mar 2012
Locust Grove, Georgia
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Ok, I have tried a few different Belgian brews and can not get over the sharp sweet bite that they have, if that is a proper description. I tried a Homebrew Triple, a New Belgian Tripple, a Delirium Tremens and a Delirium Noel and they all have that "bite" to them that I just can't get over. I drink a large variety of beers and this style just doesn't suit me.

What is this taste/bite that I am tasting in these beers.


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Nov 2012
Akron, OH
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I've thought that some of them end up tasting like a really dry, sour cider I once made with baker's yeast (ended up like a saison or something). I know a lot goes into them and they aren't supposed to particularly taste like other beers but there's something I don't get about them.

Stouts/porters are about the malt, pale ales are about the hops, and I guess Belgians are about the yeast. As far as homebrewing goes I tend to minimize the flavor contributions of the yeast until I figure out what's what with the other two.

I try to avoid ordering them at my favorite bar but I'm still kind of a novice at beer selection so I end up ordering them anyway and it confuses my buddy who's been all over Europe and seems to favor them ("If you don't like them then why do you keep getting them?" "I don't know which is which!"). But occasionally I find one that I do like.

But I've only become an avid beer drinker since a bit before I started homebrewing a little over a year ago.

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Jan 2010
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You're not alone my friend. I have never been a fan either

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Apr 2012
Omaha, NE
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I believe the yeast gives Belgians that unique flavor.

I for one, have always very much enjoyed Belgians. Everybodies palate is different though.
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May 2012
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That bite is likely alcohol.

While I do like some belgians I am generally not a fan of beers that are mainly flavored by their yeast (Hefe's, Saisons, ect.) I drink beer for the malt and the hops...I only invite the yeast to the party to eat some of the sugar and create the alcohol. With that being said, some complimentary esters that play a supporting role to hops or malt I really like. In line with that I use WLP007 with a lot of my west coast style IPAs.

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Feb 2011
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I am in this group, I have tried countless and just do not like the bite... or sour taste or what ever the yeast leaves in the beer.
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Feb 2010
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More for me, then!
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Jun 2012
Katy, Texas
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I think that unique Belgian flavor you may be referring to is the phenols that the yeast puts off. Id agree that its an acquired taste, but once it sets in you will really enjoy comparing these Belgians to each other and admiring its subtlety.

Or maybe that's just me

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Jan 2012
Birmingham, AL
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I dearly love most Belgians; I love the interesting elements that the yeast tends to bring. That being said, I have found a couple of IPAs that I can tolerate, but none that I actually like; I just don't care for excessive bitterness.

To each their own! I contine to try IPAs from time to time in an effort to expand my palate, but I'm not worried about it. You might do the same thing with Belgians, OP... but it's not like you have to check off a list of beers that you like to be a "real" beer guy.
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Feb 2011
Oreland, PA
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I love most of them. But whenever people dont like them I think of this scene

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