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Jun 2012
West Side of, the Hand
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I started a Blueberry Melomel on the 2nd. I've promised a friend that I'd make a Metheglin so I'll probably use the 3 gallons of traditional I started several months ago and split it into two test gallons and a top off gallon. I'm going to try another Bochet, I think I burned the honey too much on my first batch so I'll try a lighter toasting in a few months.

Other than that I think I'll just wing it. I've got a lot of fruit bearing plants and trees which I've been tending so my options are only limited by the growing season. I pray we don't have another false spring like last year.

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Apr 2012
, AK
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Birch Mead
Apple Blossom Mead (Floremel?)
Hazelnut Mead
Banana Wine/Melomel (if I can, indeed, get a 40lb crate of bananas for cheap)
Cider and/or low ABV Cysers

Probably others as well, but those are the ones at the head of my list...

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May 2009
Los Angeles
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I think I'll just make a traditional sweet or semi-sweet, and if I end up with a place to put all THAT mead instead of letting it sit in the carboy for a year, I'll make something else later on around summertime. I actually have an 18-month old metheglin already occupying the carboy that I intend to use, so you can see I'm really prompt about these things.

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Old 01-10-2013, 12:50 PM   #14
mooney's Avatar
Oct 2012
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I started a cranberry mead a week ago for Christmas which is coming along nicely, trying out this stepped nutrition out on it and its fermenting fast.
Next i'm going to do a whiskey inspired peat bog mead. From doing allot of hill walking in the Scottish highlands I know how tasty burn water can be running threw peat so next time i'm out i'm taking a big water container and looking for a nice peaty burn.
Whether or not I can afford more heather honey our I can be bothered with heather honey with it I'll see.

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Old 01-10-2013, 12:56 PM   #15
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Oct 2008
Calgary, AB
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Drink all the mead I made in 2012 that has come of age, then lament the fact I won't have mead again until around 2015.
"There is only two ways do to something; The smart way or the hard way."

"Beer is pretty resilient stuff, its resistant to human stupidity"

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Old 01-10-2013, 03:18 PM   #16
Jul 2011
Middletown, Ohio
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Start meading! Since the new year I've got four gallon test batches going to find what I like and one full barkshack batch already in secondary.

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Old 01-10-2013, 03:47 PM   #17
Nov 2012
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I forgot to add what I've started already this year! Started a Concord Pyment(one gallon test) and 5 gallons of raspberry melomel.

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Old 01-10-2013, 05:11 PM   #18
iluv2brew's Avatar
Oct 2012
Aurora, IL
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Last year I got into making mead late. I made 7 different 3 or
5 gal batches. This year I am planing to make quite a few different meads this year although most will be only one gallon experimental meads.
The experimentals:
Creme Burlee
Macadamia nut
"red hots" candy flavored
chai hard cider
should any of the above work out well in the next couple of years I'll move up to 5 gal.
5 gal. batches of melomel will be based on whatever fruit I can pick up in season for a good price/or find in the wild.(mostly based on berries because I like them so much)
and of course a few batches of dry and semi-sweet mead.
I have got to make friends with a bee keeper!

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Old 01-11-2013, 09:07 AM   #19
Oct 2012
Shingletown, CA
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I don't really have anything planed per say. Depends on if the bee's decide to make honey or not, or if I feel like paying money for honey.

But I've been considering:

-Blackberry Melomel
-Lemonade Mead

And I still have two going right now. One a traditional, that has been going for 3 months (not so much going anymore just not going to bottle it for a while). And a peach mead that just got racked the other day. Might be nice to do some 5 gallon batches, maybe try a beer, and cider or cyser. We shall see.

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Old 01-11-2013, 12:32 PM   #20
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Oct 2012
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I'm thinking to try a pyment. I also have some cherrywood smoked grain leftover from a beer experiment. I might try to use that in a braggot. Beyond that, maybe some traditionals with different honeys. So many available on the internets...

Gonna be a rough year for my liver!
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Johnny: With noodles....great idea!
- Johnny Dangerously

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