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So I tried a new aeration method yesterday, and it may not have worked. I tried the Venturi method of putting a pinhole in a plastic tube and then connected the tube to the tubing. I could hear the air being sucked through the hole, so I thought that things were fine. However, it's been nearly 24 hours and I'm not getting any fermentation. (And, yes, I took a gravity reading. Nothing.)

Given that I may know the problem (little to no aeration), should I wait it out for another day or two or just aerate and repitch? (I know that people here normally recommend waiting for 72 hours, but, in this case, I likely know the problem.)

Also, is slow starting a sign of no aeration?

Thanks for any help.

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Slow starts can be caused by many things - usually underpitching. Absolutely wait the 72 hours. I was lazy for about 6 months and didn't aerate about 10 beers in a row. Everyone of them turned out fine.
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It could also be a slow starting yeast. Give it the full 72 hours before you panic. Move the beer to a room temperature area for a day or two at about 70 degrees f.
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I've never heard of that method and do not really know what it is but I am skeptical. I would take a gravity reading and if it has not changed at all I would aerate now. A day is too short to be concerned in normal circumstances.

You don't state how much you yeast you pitched. Or what the temperature of the wort is. Too little yeast or too cool and the fermentation start would be delayed.

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I use a copper venturi tube on all of my beers without a single problem. I also place it in the neck of the carboy in such a way that it creates a fish tail effect. It adds more surface area to pull in oxygen.

My venturi tube is about 4 or 5 inches long and has 4 holes that spiral around it. I also used a tube cutter to score 3 rings around the top portion. This creates turbulence right befor the wort passes by the holes.

Let me know if you would like a picture of it.

I would definitely wait 72 hours too.
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Jan 2012
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I made an 11 gallon batch. Pitched a packet of Nottingham into one carboy and Safale 05 in the other. Hydrated both. Wort was at ~65 degrees overnight; I'm letting the carboys warm up to 68 now.

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24 hours is too soon to judge. 12-24 hours is fairly normal for lag time. There may not be any measurable gravity change while the yeast build their cells and reproduce, taking up the O2 in the process.

At any rate, you can believe this: Not aerating will still cause fermentation.

So even if you don't actually get an active fermentation, it would be caused by some other problem. Yeast are capable of fermenting to a large degree without proper aeration. You may not get as strong or healthy of a ferment, but it will happen.

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