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As the title says, I'm just about ready to fill my first keg, but I have a couple more items. The first is, I have a copper ale that spent a week in the primary and two in the secondary. I've been bottling at this point with no problems, and from what I've read it should be fine to keg at this point, but I wanted to see if anyone thinks otherwise?

I'm following the YouTube videos posted on this site for cleaning and preparing kegs. I picked up four used kegs, and I've had them soaking in OxyClean overnight. Per the video, I was going to mix up a fresh gallon of OxyClean and run it through my line and faucet. The kegerator is new, but I want to run some cleaner through it anyway. I'll rinse the keg with hot water and run some through the line.

Then I plan to put a gallon of StarSan in the keg, shake it around good and hook it up and run it through the line and tap. In the video, he lets the StarSan sit in the line for a little while, blows it out with CO2 and then goes about filling his keg, leaving the line and faucet alone. He says he plans to use the "set and forget" method of carbonation, which is what I'm planning to do as well.

My second item is about the beer line and faucet. With this method, is there any problem with letting the line and faucet sit for a week or so with StarSan foam in it? I'm sure that will dry in the line and faucet well before I tap my first beer. Maybe that's not an issue, but I'm wondering if it would be better to open the faucet when I hook up the keg let the line fill with beer (I'd discard the first half glass or so on my first pour). To me it seems like leaving the line filled with beer would be better than letting StarSan dry in there. What are your thoughts?

Sorry for all the newbie questions, but I'd rather benefit from your experience than mess up my first keg. Thanks again for all your help!

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Rinse that keg and rinse it hot. You want to get all the oxyclean residue out. I don't think it's necessary to run any oxyclean through the line a faucet but you can if you want. Maybe run some of the rinse water through?

Star-San sanitizes in a short amount of time. I think it only takes 30-60 secs of "wet contact time" to do its work. You don't even need a whole gallon. Several ounces will do the trick. Roll it around and shake it and voila, sanitary. Run some out the beer post and through the line and faucet and that is good to go too. I wouldn't leave it sitting in the beer line though. Just run it until the co2 blows foam out the faucet and leave it like that.

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To sanitize my keg, lines and faucet I usually fill a keg with warm to hot water mixed with sanitizer. Then I pressurize the keg and run the whole thing through the faucet. It may be overkill but it's an easy way to sanitize the whole setup at one time. Then just transfer the beer to the keg and put it in the keezer. I have never had any luck force carbonating, so I always set it and forget it.
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