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Hi guys, firstly-sorry if this is in the wrong area of the forum, I will move it ASAP if it is. Secondly-sorry, I'm the ultimate newbie brewer and only have a limited understanding of what I'm doing here, haha. I'm not saying go easy on me, but please bear with me..

Anyway, I just wanted to post an IPA recipe I came up with and am seeking some feedback/critique/opinions on it, as I'm really new and am not sure if I've got everything correct. I have tried my best to convert all the weights/temps from grams/kg's/celcius and hopefully they are all correct.

The OG was 1.040 and it started showing signs of vigorous fermentation after about 12-15 hours and is still going strong. I had a wee taste and it was fairly bitter, but hope it will mellow out. The galaxy hops give it an unreal passion-fruit aroma and overall it smells amazing. Colour seems a bit dark however..

550g(19.40z) crystal caramel
500g pale(17.6oz), 1/2 orange zest + couple of pellets of Amarillo
Steeped @70c(158f) for 15 minutes, then mashed for 1 hour. Sparged and strained

1.5kg(3.3lb) light LME-added to mash liquor, then boiled
Added 50g(1.76oz) goldings/50g(1.76oz) Amarillo @15 minutes
Added 50g(1.76oz) goldings/50g(1.76oz) Amarillo @ 30 minutes
Added 50g(1.76oz) Amarillo/10g(.35oz) galaxy @ 45 minutes
Finished boil @ 60 minutes

Chilled and added to fermenter. Dissolved 200g(7.05oz) dark DME and 100g(3.52oz) Dextrose in boiling water and added to fermenter
Topped with chilled, bottled water to 21 liters(5.54 gallons) and added 25g(0.88oz) Amarillo + 15g(0.53oz) galaxy hops in a 'tea bag'. Pitched rehydrated Safale- 05 yeast @ 18.7c(65.66f).

I plan to leave it in primary for a month before bottling, does anyone have any idea on an expected FG? Ps. I'm ****ting my pants about posting this, really expecting to get bollocked because its completely wrong.. :s

Really appreciate any feedback,

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