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I don't have a schedule of when i plan on brewing what this year per say. My goal now that i have a crusher and 10 gal pot is to achieve a consistent brewing efficiency and work on perfecting my double IPA and American amber ale. Then once I'm comfortable I will move on to my American wheat, American pale ale and English mild or American brown ale. I figure that will take me about a year
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Mar 2012
Glasgow, UK
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Only planned for my next sack of pale malt

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Jan 2012
Alexandria, VA
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I've got my next two brews planned for the next two weekends:

Jan. 5th - Stone Ruination Clone
Jan. 12th - EdWort's Robust Porter

After that I am aiming to brew 1 batch a week through the end of February (at which point I promised SWMBO I would install hardwood floors in the least I'll have beer for it though) but I haven't planned any specifics. I know I want to do my first IIPA, and possible an Imperial Porter as well. I am trying to work on those two general styles for now (Porters and IPA's) but I may try my first hefe or lager this year as well.

Also, there will be regular batches of Apfelwein. My in-laws gave me an entire beginners brewing equipment kit for christmas, while I already had a starting kit from last year, my brothers 5-gal carboy, and a 2nd fermentation bucket I bought on my own last now I have 3 primary's 2 secondary's and 2 bottling buckets (one of which may become a primary)...I am determined to put them all to good use, and Apfelwein is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Those are my plans as of now, I just hope reality doesn't last summer when I had to spend a month re-plumbing the entire house due to leaky pipes under the slab...or last spring wen we tiled the kitchen...or this fall after Hurricane Sandy knocked down the fence...

Oh, I also want to plant hops this year.

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Sep 2012
Doylestown, PA
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I've still gotta bottle my pumpkin brown ale since I'm lazy, and I still have plenty of dunkelweizen left. I'm planning on going AG somewhere around February too, but here is the tentative schedule. It'll go faster if I start kegging...and turn my cousin's old fridge into a kegerator. Then I'll be going through my "house beers" at a reasonable clip.

Robust Porter
Amber Ale
Double IPA
Robust Porter
Belgian Strong Pale
Amber Ale
American Wheat
Cherry Stout
Robust Porter
Amber Ale
Spiced Pumpkin Weizenbock
Winter Warmer version of my Amber Ale
Robust Porter
Scottish 80/- or Wee Heavy
Amber Ale
Imperial Stout

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Oct 2010
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Stuff I have planned to brew before Spring rolls around and ruins brewing season for me:

Black IIPA
Amber Ale Kit I got for Christmas
Apollo IPA (May make this one a SMaSH)
Punkin Ale

Stuff I'm pondering:

A Mad Elf clone in in early March, so it can age until winter
A Hefeweizen in early spring
My first mead
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Apr 2012
Bryan, TX
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I tend to brew two ways: with the seasons and with my own whims. There's something great about waking up on a Saturday morning, thinking "I feel like brewing a porter today", and heading to the LHBS for the supplies.

That being said, here's what we've got planned so far:

Ordinary Bitter
Falconer's CDA

IPA -- probably Citra/Centennial/Nelson Sauvin
Brown Porter

Throughout the summer, I will start on a pretty heavy rotation of Saisons and other Belgians.

In July, I will brew our Holiday Barley Wine.

Other goals for the year: Finally get into lagering; Procure a barrel and begin a Solera project; build a kegerator.

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Secondary: n/a
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Jun 2012
Wernersville, PA
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I don't know the dates yet

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Old 01-04-2013, 02:40 PM   #18
Feb 2011
Clemson, SC
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American IPA, American Brown Ale, American Stout, Saison, repeat.

Mix a few Singels, Dubbels, and Tripels in there and that's all I'm planning for my entire year.

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Old 01-04-2013, 03:52 PM   #19
Brewsday's Avatar
Mar 2011
Near Portland, ME
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Hey 'delphian...
spam, spam, spam, spam, robust porter, spam and spam....that doesn't have much spam in it. Just trying to be funny...I love how often porter pops up in your list.

Mine looks like this:
about 6x IPA (for me and friends)
about 2x brown ale (moose drool-ish, for how much everyone seems to love it, especially those that pucker at the smell of hops)
about 3x coffee porter (for my friend the roaster and my wife)
about 2 x my bizarre barley/wheat hybrid with caraway (for the roaster's wife)

and a couple attempts at something big like IIPA or wee heavy...if I can get to it soon enough to shelf it for 6-9 months before next Thanksgiving.

Phew...writing it down stresses me out (I generally do 10-12 gallon no-chill batches these days)...too bad it's like 15 degrees outside!
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Noone should have to defend themselves about what they want to brew or justify it to anyone... This is supposed to be about having fun. In whatever form it takes.

Don't be a troll about it.

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May 2011
Denver, CO
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India red ale next week
February : lemon honey wheat
March : should have a lagering fridge, so maybe a bopils
Belgians over the summer

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