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Apr 2010
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12 hours and Comcast internet is STILL DOWN. (Smurf you Comcrap!)

So borrowing a little 'net from the neighbors. Hey if you dont lock it its fair game isnt it?

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Jun 2008
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Yep, if they're too dumb to password protect it, have at it.

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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by AZ_IPA View Post
Yep, if they're too dumb to password protect it, have at it.
Yep, Time to start downloading porn

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Oct 2012
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Is "borrowing" wireless wrong?
Of course it is.
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Jul 2012
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Yup fair game. I'd try to add their printer as well and print War and Peace.

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Old 01-03-2013, 11:27 PM   #6
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Mar 2012
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My old neighbor's kid came over one day to ask for use of our wireless. I almost just gave it to him since we were cool with his parents and the kid wasn't an ass. Then my spidey sense kicked in and I called his dad to 'see if they were having internet problems too'. He said no.

'Oh, maybe it's just Billy's ipod then.'

'What? That weasel. He's grounded from the internet.'

Sorry kid.
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Sep 2010
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You can justify it to yourself that it's not wrong... But you're stealing bandwidth you didn't pay for. They paid for a certain speed of internet and won't get that because someone else is stealing their internet.

And to those of you who say that it's not wrong or that it's fair game because it's not password protected... Is it okay to break into someone's home if the doors aren't locked? Whether it has a password or not is completely inconsequential in the discussion of whether or not it's morally wrong to do.
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Old 01-03-2013, 11:32 PM   #8
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Oct 2010
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I'd probably do the same if in a situation you described but the mooching would still be wrong. Is this a job placement integrity question?

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Nov 2012
Merrill, WI
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As long as you don't start buying grain with food stamps!

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Old 01-03-2013, 11:36 PM   #10
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Oct 2011
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I'd be lying if I said I haven't borrowed unsecured wi-fi briefly (just a few minutes when expecting an important email) on occasion, but mooching long-term off the neighbors to avoid paying for service isn't cool.

Then again, I don't know why anybody wouldn't password protect their network. That's just asking for trouble.

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