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View Poll Results: Since I've started homebrewing I have spent:
< $100 7 1.84%
< $500 93 24.41%
< $1000 96 25.20%
< $2000 93 24.41%
< $5000 68 17.85%
< $10000 12 3.15%
< $20000 6 1.57%
< $50000 5 1.31%
< $100000 1 0.26%
Voters: 381. You may not vote on this poll

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I have about $150 but I have been doing this for about a month or two. Will be spending about another $100 by summer.

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I have been brewing for almost 5 years. I have spent probably 4k on brewing equipment....which isn't bad as far as hobbies go. I can also "justify" it because someday I would like to own a small brewery. It turns the hobby into the potential for something more.

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Been brewing off and on since 1991, so hard to quantify this question. I'm a cheap ass, so I guess my most expensive piece of equipment is my boil pot.
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I've only spent about $300, but many of the pieces of equipment, such as the heating element and kettles, were already in my house. I have a feeling that I will be spending another three Bens on some de-luxer all-grain stuff - mostly Igloo coolers and, well, Igloo coolers - within the next six months. Assuming, of course, I do a five-gallon, all-grain batch. This is not likely to happen in the near future.
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So far this year I've spent 350 bucks. Altogether (ingredients too) I checked the 5k box, but it's probably more like 3-4k.

I have a 2 burner stand and second bayou burner. I have 3 10G SS kettles, 2 ICs, a plate chiller (which I don't use because I hate it), a 20G SS kettle, a 10G Igloo MT, a 4 tap kegerator, a 2 tap kegerator, a ferment chamber, another chest freezer being used as a fridge, 2 pumps, a bunch of kegs (I'd guess 9-10 of them) 5-7 fermentors, two propane tanks, a monster mill, and probably a few things I'm forgetting. Just quick disconnects alone probably set me back 2 bills.

I'm a year in basically. I've made the mistake of buying multiples of items because I didn't get the right one to start with, and I've had a few things fall into my lap because a fellow brewer got sick and had to give up some of his stuff.

I don't know if this constitutes having a problem or not, but I won't be showing this post to SWMBO. FWIW, I make great beer, and she and our friends love it. If I knew then what I know now, I may have waited a year and just bought a Sabco or a Morebeer sculpture.

But then again, I'd be just a newb if I waited!!!!
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in the span of almost 14 years brewing: bottle tree w/2 injectors (one broke), 8 gallon mega pot, 15 gallon mega pot, two 5 gallon pots, wing capper, bench capper, bottling bucket, Corona mill, O2 set up, keg/fridge conversion set, two 6 1/2 gallon carboys, three 5 gallon carboys, five used corny kegs, 14 gallon heated/cooled conical from MB, 10 gallon AG cooler set up from NB, counter flow bottling set up, mash paddle, big spoon, 3 or 4 auto siphons, a few hydrometers & thermometers, 2 strainers, 2 funnels, many cases of 16oz/22oz/12oz/1L/6oz bottles (I have no idea how many of what), and a Celli tower (flea market!). we gotta include kits & ingredients and wine/mead too? hell, I don't know. way too much but somehow not near enough.
I've given away some equipment: 5gal carboy, 5gal pot, books, wing capper, and many of a variety of bottles.
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hmmmm . . . I answered before I knew we weren't counting ingredients - All the money I have spent (including ingredients) I am sure goes between 10-20K easy. I would like to hope it was under 20K anyway I have been brewing for 17 years though, so, $1000 per year on a hobby you love is not really all that much money in my book. I am sure serious golfers spend much more than that. Plus, I really have not bought much in the way of store-bought beer in the past 3-5 years, so that offsets some of the cost.
Single biggest purchase was a Morebeer 3 tier 5 gallon brew stand/system I bought about 13-14 years ago. It cost around $1300, free shipping and 50lbs of grain came with it. Best money I ever spent in my life.
I don't spend money on much to be honest - not clothes, vehicles, or much else.. I hunt and fish, but don't spend a lot there. I am pretty content spending money on brewing. There is almost nothing I would rather do with a free day than brew beer. Can't think of a better way to spend my money.
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I've probably got at least $10,000 including kegerators, kegs, 3-tiered stand, my 12.2 gallon stainless conical(gift from my wife), chillers, cold plates, ingredients, the list goes on forever. But that is over 20 years of brewing.
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Hmm, I voted in the <1k, but know that I have been thinking and if I actually add it up....

Starter Kit - 120
7gal kettle - 90
6.5gal Carboy - 30
Bottles - ~60
5lb co2 tank - 70
Blichmann burner /w leg extensions - 170
Ferm chamber - 100
Valve / diptube - 50
Mash tun - 70
Keggle - 50
Cutting / polishing discs for keggle - 40
Misc tubing, air locks, etc - 100
Misc. Kegging parts - 50
Temp controller - 40
Stir plate + flask - 70
Copper IC - 60

Unless I'm forgetting something, which I probably am, I am just over 1k without ingredients.

Planning on building a 4 tap keezer soon and putting together 2 more keggles. So my cost will go up quite a bit in the next couple months.
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I'd say close to thousand over the past 2 years. I'm completely set up to brew 10 gallon batches but haven't made the jump.

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