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Nov 2012
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I've made 3 batches now, all from Mr Beer. Pretty much everytime I did something wrong, examples, too much sugar, not letting ferment long enough, or Mr. Beer sucks, I don't know...

Anyways, I still have some left and don't have the heart to just pour it out, I can tell it has some level of alcohol, but the taste is just off in different ways.

Do you drink it, pour it down the sink, give it to the dog?

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Nov 2012
Roseville (Sacramento), California
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I had one bad batch - 5 gallons - I drank it as punishment for screwing up the recipe and loved (kind of) every minute of it. (It was my first home brew. Boiled off way too much water, so it was very intense with flavor and alcohol, but not foul tasting)
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Reason: Clarification

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Lost in a Maze
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Dec 2011
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Let it age. Time heals many bad brews. But, yes I drink it.

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Jan 2012
, NY
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drinking my worst batch at the moment.. not horrible by any stretch, just not something I would buy again if it were a six pack from a brewery.

I don't know if I could dump a batch.. i'd probably bottle it (i normally keg) and let it sit for a few months to see if it improved.
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Nov 2012
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My second batch is bottle carbing now. My first fermented too hot and came out with a flavor which has decreased with time. I would only dump a batch if it were infected or horrible. If it was just pretty bad I may drink a bottle or two at the end of the night but too much time and money to throw away for semibad beer.
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Jan 2008
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I have dumped 3 or 4 batches. If I wanted to drink sh*t I would just save myself some time and buy Natty Ice. If a batch is a little off I will drink it but I was having a problem with tannin extraction at one point and that was not something I could tolerate. I also dumped a batch that was 100% sour mash. I don't even like to think about that one.

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Nov 2012
Norton Shores, Michigan
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Ive had one bad batch but yeah I ended up drinking it, but the aging thing did help with the off flavors diminishing as it got older.

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Dec 2012
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I can't speak for everyone, but I never throw out a batch that is even remotely tolerable. I've had 2 go down the drain, but they were barely approachable. But like everyone, I've had my share of sub-par batches. They usually get pushed to the back of my storage area where I find them again after I've gone through another batch. After sitting for sometimes 6 months to a year they can be quite good. I say I can't speak for everyone because I don't imagine everyone has the space to hide several batches of beer for an untold amount of tiime.

As for the Mr. Beer kits themselves, I've brewed several of them. They all seem to share a taste that I can't place. I'm not sure if the malt extract is really that bad, or from their crappy yeast, but I've never been able to turn out an excellent batch with them. However, those batches in particalar are the ones I've found the most gain from forgetting for a while. So good advise IMHO, store it, read up on "How To Brew" (Palmer) to try to find your mistake, try again. Who knows then, you may end up with 2 good batches of beer.
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Dec 2008
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I've had some batches come out that had some off flavors that I could tolerate. On the other hand, back when I bottled I didn't realize that a blueberry fragment became trapped near the tip of my bottling wand (after brewing a blueberry ale for my wife). The four batches I brewed/bottled the next month later developed one nasty lactic infection. I stored those in the drain.

As for Mr. Beer - good luck with that. I had no luck with it and if anything stayed away from homebrewing for a number of years after my first exposure via Mr. Beer.
Originally Posted by llazy_llama View Post
If you drink enough of it, it should come out very clear with just a tad bit of yellowish color.

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Dec 2012
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My first batch didn't turn out too well... not that I was expecting it to. It was a brew kit that someone gave me two years ago and was well expired

I made it anyways. It turned out "ok" and drinkable, but not great. I will drink a bottle once in a while, but I generally just serve it up to people who don't really care what they drink and they love every minute of it!

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