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Originally Posted by jtakacs View Post
i do a bunch of sours and they're all worth it, except for the lambic - the lambic was standard mash (pretty newbie at sours at that point so no turbid) and was knocked up with lacto, brett-b, brett-c, sac and pedio... (a home yeast that has turned out some pretty fun and funky sours
This home yeast... can you elaborate on it? And have you used it in other beers?

Also, you don't need a turbid mash to produce excellent lambics. Check out the recipe in my drop down.

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it's gone through a bunch of changes, but it started life as a lacto culture and commercial pedio to sour a blonde belgian i made before the lambic - that beer got fermented with brett-c and sacc - i saved that yeast.

that hot mess went into the lamibc, which had other yeasts added to it (i did not save that as it was two years old and i left the lambic on the cake the entire time) - i pitched brett-l on the lambic, but that hasn't made it into my house yeast.

after the blonde (tasted like lemonade - loved it) i made a sour caramel wheat and that came out awesome so i saved the yeast again. made a basic sour blonde wheat (tastes like RRBs beatification) and split the batch and made half with my wild yeast (2nd generation). that's been used several times now and saved to make flanders and oud bruins... it's a pretty neat yeast.

while that has some of my wild yeast in it, i keep a "pure" wild, not sure what it is, but it's one of my all time favorite yeasts (cultured off an orange) - nice brett-c pineapple funkiness to it - i make rye saisons out of it.

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Mine have totally been worth it. I have a house culture that's a mix of Wyeast lambic blend, a ton of commercial dregs, and some wild yeast. They're turning out consistently funky and delicious.
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You aren't going to get a very balanced response asking on a board dedicated to sours. The ones that answer no to your question probably gravitate away from this board and will not see your question. Selection bias, much like asking about gun control at a NRA rally or about gay marriage at a Gay Pride parade...

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I've made about a dozen or so sours, ranging across the board, and have to say Sours is about the easiest style to get decent results from. Every one has been excellent. Just got to be patient and keep the air out.

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Originally Posted by AmandaK
Also, you don't need a turbid mash to produce excellent lambics. Check out the recipe in my drop down.
Totally true, but I found it gave me a more unique product than would have been otherwise. Plus, it's an interesting process to learn. Oh, it's especially nice when you're using raw wheat, under and unmodified grains which is what a lot of "traditional" makers use.

Not necessary, but definitely worth the effort given your grain bill. Pus, it reminded me of when I first made beer and said "THAT becomes beer?! Wtf!?" And then tasted the product

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