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Dec 2012
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I've. Just bottled some woodfords nogg kit beer. It has a thick layer of seddiment on the bottom of the bottles. Is this normal? I though you didn't get that muck with kit beers

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You are seeing the spent yeast that consumed your priming sugar to carbonate your beer in the bottle, totally normal. Do not rouse the yeast or agitate the bottle, pour gently and leave the remaining sediment in the bottle.

It won't kill you to drink it but if you do expect some nasty yeast farts..............

Nothing Left to do but smile and drink beer.....

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How thick is thick?

With kits there is stuff that will settle out. Did you bag or filter the hops?
Did you transfer a lot of trub to the bottling bucket and then into the bottles?

Depending on your procedures you may get a lot or very little sediment into your bottles.

There will always be a little yeast sediment in the bottles. Just pour carefully and try not to disturb that layer, leave it in the bottle.

For me yeast does not have a pleasant taste so I avoid it as much as possible.

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Sediment level can also change per recipe. My brown ale has only the tiniest aount of sediment in the bottles, whereas my Belgian blonde is probably a quarter of an inch thick in each bottle.
Check out the priming sugar calculator, yeast starter calculator, and the beer calorie calculator.

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