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Sep 2012
Silver Spring, MD
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OK, just out of curiosity, I checked back through the "How many gallons in 20--" threads, to get an idea of whether the totals were trending up or down. Here's what I found (These are approximations--some people posted after the first of the year, and it wasn't clear whether they should count or not).

2009: 30,500 gallons
2010: 42,500 gallons
2011: 50,000 gallons
2012: 39,000 gallons

OK granted, not everyone posts each batch on here, but that big a drop begs a question or two--are there fewer brewers than there were a year ago, or are the same number of brewers brewing less, or are they not on HBT, or are those on HBT just not posting their brews as often?

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Aug 2011
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I posted my brews a couple of times, then I forgot which ones I already posted and was not about to scan through all the pages to find my posts.

So I would say that it is very inaccurate at best.

My suspicion is that people just lost interest in posting to the thread.

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Apr 2012
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I only posted 1 of 8 brews. I like seeing what others were brewing but never really had the urge to post for some reason

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Jan 2012
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I haven't put mine in maybe more people are not posting.

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Nov 2011
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I don't post in there to protect the I mean innocent.

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Nov 2009
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Far from accurate.

I think interest in posting that kind of thing waned once we saw that we are a force to be reckoned with.

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Dec 2011
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Only newbies post in those threads anymore as most mature brewers don't post in those. I think I posted in the 2011 but didn't post once in the 2012 thread even though I brewed over 150 gallons in 2012~!
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Apr 2007
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haven't been posting
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I don't think I've posted about how much I've brewed in the last several years. I'm brewing as much as ever, but I don't keep track. Once you get over 300+ batches, and you're brewing 10 gallon batches, it seems sort of silly to keep adding up a total of gallons in a thread!
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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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I never post how much I brew....To me that's TMI in terms of who's eyes, real or digital might be watching forums like these, and especially threads like these. I kind of think it's silly to do so, ESPECIALLY if folks choose to brew over the legal limit. I don't advertise what I do, legal or otherwise.

Originally Posted by DerekJ View Post
I don't post in there to protect the I mean innocent.
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