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Brewing Clamper
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Originally Posted by ArroganceFan
LOL it can be your brewery mascot
Lefty, the brewing sidekick?

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Maybe you can get a " peg nut" as a replacement! If that isn't some pirate stuff, I don't know what is!

All BS aside, best of luck on the surgery. The upside is that they've caught it before it spread. You'll be just as dangerous with one as you were with two.

On the up side: getting hit in the nuts will only hurt half as bad.
More like a sock monkey, really...

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I think maybe you should consider "lonely nut" or "left nut" etc. One nut brewery kinda sounds like you are the nut, ie., insane! Lol
But seriously....

It takes courage to even talk about a problem like that. You have my respect and best wishes. Speaking of nuts, here is a clip I just posted an entire thread to, but I will place it here to hopefully cheer you a little.
Enjoy! Stay positive and keep talking about your fears.
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Sir Humpsalot
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So are you getting a neuticle?

Any other upgrades planned as long as they're already "under the hood"? Maybe add a little something extra?
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Aug 2007
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Hey everyone.. The surgery went well. I don't remember anything about it, but I do have the scar and pain to prove it.

Thank you all for the support. I should be getting my pathology report next week.

Then I will know the treatment plan that the Doc recommends.

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Old 09-07-2007, 03:55 PM   #36
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Originally Posted by physast
Hey everyone.. The surgery went well. I don't remember anything about it, but I do have the scar and pain to prove it.

Thank you all for the support. I should be getting my pathology report next week.

Then I will know the treatment plan that the Doc recommends.
I'm glad the surgery went well and I'm hoping for the best when the pathology report is returned.
Here's to a full recovery.

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Old 06-08-2009, 12:05 AM   #37
Matt Foley
Jun 2007
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Hey, Pysast. I'm sorry to bump this old thread but I would love to hear an update. I am battling colon cancer and just posted about brewing up a celebratory beer for when I beat this thing. Give us an update. I hope all is cancer free.

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Old 06-08-2009, 04:41 AM   #38
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you should call the brewery uno brewing company

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Old 06-08-2009, 02:58 PM   #39
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One-ball Brewing.

Not saying any form of cancer is good, but you're very likely to get a clean bill of health now. Something to keep in mind for your son(s), should you have any:

The first inherited risk factors in testicular cancer have been identified, researchers say.

Genetic variants on chromosomes 5, 6 and 12 were linked to an increased risk of the disease, according to studies in this week's online issue of the journal Nature Genetics.

In the first study, researchers compared the profile of 730 testicular cancer patients with 1,435 healthy controls. Inheriting all three genetic variants was associated with a fourfold higher risk of testicular germ cell tumours, but only a small proportion of men carrying the variants will actually develop testicular cancer.

"We have known for some time that men whose father, brothers or sons had testicular cancer are much more likely to get it themselves, and we have been searching for this genetic link," one of the investigators, Dr. Elizabeth Rapley of the Institute of Cancer Research in Surrey, England, said in a release.
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